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  1. Sadly to say, Aion is a game we love, but NC soft is the company that's been screwing people up. it's like a bucket when there's way too much disappointment in it, it's better just dump it for good. Either try play on other servers. you might have higher ping or problem with the siege scedules. but better services, good player base, costs less money, and more enjoyable game experience. or simply play other games instead. Your voices on this forum have become nothing but some random dog barks. Time to move on guys.
  2. This event is just another great example to show everyone how little our NCsoft really knows about this game. 6.0 to 7.0, at this turning point, how many players have full +15 ultimate genesis pvp set right now? Until now, NC still doesn't wanna close this gear gap which was created when they had decided to give out compensated gears and to go with the same enchantment rate with KR aion. Hear me out on this, I'm okay with this enchantment rate ONLY IF we have the SAME resources as korean players getting all the enchantment stones, fragments etc from in-game, bcm or events. Sadly, the mean
  3. I think their commercial should be: YOU ARE RICHER THAN YOU THINK... So.... Their BCM pricing 1 Ancient PVP enchantment stone = $5 US dollars in game To morph 1 Legendary pvp enchantment stone requires 10 ancient ones Therefore, it's safe to say 1 Legendary stone = $50 US dollars same thing, 10 legendary makes 1 ultimate pvp enchantment stone, so 1 ultimate = $ 500 1 piece of gear has 15 enchantment levels, let's say , with 100% rate, $500 x 15 = $7500 and you have 16/17 pieces of gears, then theoretically a full set of gears would cost
  4. NC, you wanna make sales on BCM. How about getting your staff starts playing this game cuz apparently they don't know anything about it. You can't make sales if your salesperson( whoever is in charge of BCM) doesn't know the products. Stop listing stupid items on BCM, they are OVERPRICED. they look stupid, unprofessional, and disconnected with the game. Only idiots and newcomers (if there's any) will buy them Advise: You might wanna add AION gaming experience as a requirement to your hiring process. YOUR EMPLOYEES DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT THIS GAME = LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM
  5. Can NC create a way to trade in Daevanion skill books? like I'm missing just one skill, and I have way too many repeat skill books. these skill books don't stack at all, it's taking up so many spaces. I know they can be used to enchant skills for later patches, but for now. RNG isn't with me and my inventory is going to explode. so can I trade in for something I don't have and also make them stackable, please. Just a thought.
  6. so..things are no longer tradeable, then everything needs to go through the broker. Shugos are charging way too much kinah and broker fees are making people broke. since shugos are stuffed with kinah and getting fat, can you lower down the fees before Obesity hits? Crafting, buying supplies, enchanting, teleporting. everything costs kinah. The ways to make kinah are kinda limited, don't you think? plus heavy fees?
  7. well, when EK gets empty, you will get the biggest incentive that you get to be the governor <3
  8. This is why Aion is not a sustainable game but a fast dying one. The gear difference is huge, and the enchantment rate is shitty. players with ultimate gears can literally one shot those with ancient gears. Eg. glad aoe (ultimate gears) hits 13k -15k dmg per hit. one aoe skill wipes half of the group (with ancient gears) is just a new norm. it's just how it is. With NC's current enchantment success rate, it's gonna take tons of time, kinah, and freaking RNGesus to go from ancient to legendary, then to ultimate. Farming materials to upgrade gears just simply makes you a slave. it takes way t
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