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  1. i will change to SM ofc all sorc i think will do that also hahahah
  2. hahahaha ppl think u guys care about them u only think about how much u can push us to pay aion nerf ench rate , XP , combine also and ench stone pve drop and last think u can buy 5 fkn PVP box weekly WTF is this if ench rate was good its ok but its sucks they make us pray before any ench+ so now they want give us this shit back and say oh we care too much about you
  3. if u P2W ur lucky will be like %0,00001 to find ur weapon so GL guys
  4. drop buff fake its same with me i run by sorc after like 15 run or more i find 1 earing and by my cleric after 4 run i find 2 earing we didnt take event buff all time when we go
  5. we need like EU save spot we can not ench our stigma to +12 now to hard to make +9 stigma we need save spot like EU at +9 or +8
  6. power shards system stupid they need u to farm 24/7 or ur DPS will go down like 25%
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