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  1. why NA ncsoft make all the player fell like the working when they play aion what the point from all this !! why aion in KR RU EU have autohunt in 7,7 and we still have to farm everything no one in the game have fun in farm in event or timeless or even luna if there is one have fun in that he can farm but why you remove that nice system for stupid one just stay oh that will kill the game !? even adding autohunt in timeless its useless if you can not loot the souls by autohunt and making each patch 2 part its also boring like in this
  2. they will not change anything they want you to buy kinah from others player or push you to use hack and farm ur kinah they care only about the store nothing more how to make you spend money all the time they think about thus because that we see NA aion dead
  3. what about the new ultim transformation ? in 7,9 or NA want give us 2 part 7,9 to kill us because this patch like the old one only there change in skills nothing more
  4. what about give us full 7.9 patch and stop this shit in every fkn patch you guys making every patch 2 part why this happen this is sucks we boring nothing new in this rubbish update now we have to paly this like last patch then wait part 2 then wait also for 8,0 what the point here u want us to quit or what !! I don't understand this ppl how they thinking
  5. just remove kina craft from luna u don't have to change luna farm this is stupid no one have time to kill 50 for only 20 luna everyday
  6. i think NC soft selling hacks that why no one ban also there is no protection in this game we farm luna cubic kinah and they just use program
  7. they must change it to limit 1 or 2 per acc better than this its just rubbish event
  8. there stupid ppl working in NC soft this event will make us mad only not happy u can farm all the day and at the end who have bot get every things this event must change its too stupid to stay like this
  9. I don't understand why NC soft try hard to make this good event bad not every one can be online at this time just let that NPC stay there all the day why we have to camp there ? nothing fun in that stupid idea
  10. i will change to SM ofc all sorc i think will do that also hahahah
  11. hahahaha ppl think u guys care about them u only think about how much u can push us to pay aion nerf ench rate , XP , combine also and ench stone pve drop and last think u can buy 5 fkn PVP box weekly WTF is this if ench rate was good its ok but its sucks they make us pray before any ench+ so now they want give us this shit back and say oh we care too much about you
  12. if u P2W ur lucky will be like %0,00001 to find ur weapon so GL guys
  13. drop buff fake its same with me i run by sorc after like 15 run or more i find 1 earing and by my cleric after 4 run i find 2 earing we didnt take event buff all time when we go
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