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  1. Evergale AFK why no kick ???

    Look today same !!! http://ap.imagensbrasil.org/image/d1EujA
  2. Evergale AFK why no kick ???

    Croppen why lose elyos !!
  3. Evergale AFK why no kick ???

    Look this Alliance have 24 ppls 9 ppl afk red marks!! http://ap.imagensbrasil.org/image/dmZdtr Impossible play whit all time same !!!
  4. How can you make a Evergale with 40% of players afk ????? And you can't expel ? We are being harmed by it! Gm need u for fixed it!!!!
  5. OuOb Hack!!

    I try del for right picture but he kill my char 1 sec.. this acc on SS its alt i forgot change!!!
  6. OuOb Hack!!

  7. OuOb Hack!!

    It is increasingly more difficult to play Aion everywhere where there is a hacker, this is ending with the game!!! OuOb full atack speed!!! https://imgur.com/qTzO1jp