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  1. Random pvp fun

    Nipls....wtf you are one to talk your full reds thinking your good cuz u can 3v6 people in almost full yellow's....wtf none of us are p2w bro like i said give us time and we will catch up to you guys and send you back to your wallet....kiddo.
  2. Random pvp fun

    Some random pvp i recorded, trying to keep this server/game fun need more OW people......except Exceed and company.....you are a no go zone atm lol....give a few months to catch up to u guys..:)
  3. You're Welcome!!

    Elmo's started winning when most the Asmo's re-rolled elmo for free shit!
  4. Lakrum Fort

    This is my PoV of the last 6 or so min's of the fort 11/20/2018.