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  1. Another update to our great battleground system. Dredgion... Well, lets skip the part that very nature of this "pvp" instance is to kill three mobs as fast as possible to get enchantment stones and then go afk (stupid right). Now we are being matched with teams that already started and killed their mobs, so the person that joined later cannot loot anything and just wasted its CD for nothing... So basically because of the system decision we have no chance to get a reward...
  2. Hey everyone o/ I am new to Aion and don't have your experience, but I do share a bit of the frustration from enchanting =) I've started right after the patch and regularly participate in all battlegrounds, sieges, pretty much in everything that gives enchantment stones. I grind almost every night, try to make kinah, be active, progress in the game. I even accepted the reality and payed for some "quality of life" things from the cash shop to set myself for beginning... Tonight I have failed my 8th attempt to go from +14 to +15 on my dagger. I feel bit disappointed from being stuck at the same place. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect to get my gear super fast, but one legendary item after a month of active game play would be nice. After the time I spent in, and effort I put into to the game so far, I feel unrewarded. And I just don't know how many more attempts it may take to finally get to +15, neither I do not know how long I will keep trying. - I understand that players from other servers got their gear as a exchange for old one. I am totally fine with that. However, I quite do not understand why these people are being matched against new players in battlegrounds. I am cool about it, but reality is that one gladiator in Idgel Dome can wipe almost entire party within a single use of his aoe skills (happened to me few days ago). My experience from battlegrounds so far? In 80% of cases my group goes afk and just wait for geared people to do their business and complete the instance. Where's the fun in that? The only time we won, for example, was when we didn't get enemy team . (Noobs, yea, but hey I thought that Aion needs new players^^) So this, in my opinion, even more slows down newbies who needs the enchantment to become at least a bit competitive, and gives the reward to people who already overpowers them. I like the game so far, but after watching a lot of videos (doing my homework on a new game) I feel like the adjustments that you are making for the West version are not really what will get you new players, or keep them interested. If the progress is this hard on Ancient - the worst - gear, I quite do not understand how we are supposed to progress, especially when purple enchantment stones are so hard to get. Yeah, I guess that's it. Just a little report from a new Daeva with a bad luck o7