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  1. I just found out the reason, it's the "power saving mode", when I turn it off everything is back to normal
  2. Hello, this is my system.cfg file: https://imgur.com/a/cu34Sww So I just need to write: r_MultiThreaded = "1" into this file, like this? : https://imgur.com/a/6R7iB8Y
  3. Hi, this is my computer's information: Processor: Intel core i5-7300HQ VGA: NVIDIA GTX 1050 RAM: 8GB I set the graphic's setting to lowest, and my FPS is still 25, although it once reached 90-100 in the past but after the next login, it stays 25. I wonder why? this is my game:https://imgur.com/a/Rb3Ckze
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