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  1. Blade and soul has a way to achieve their HM skills via cash shop, it'd be nice to see that here too
  2. All the old skins. At least put them on rotation on the BCM. There are still crazies like me who'll buy them. Because you know, fashion comes first in aion and because of level restrictions when looting lower level monsters are in place, all we can do is reroll and farm endlessly. A friend showed me this forum post from the game forge forums. https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/3749-Skins-in-6-2/
  3. So i've noticed that a lot of the older skins/gear have now been relegated to white gear that isn't meant for actual use. With the way leveling is now, if you attempt to farm any of these skins/gear it'll take god knows how long and i'm pretty sure we'd all much rather level up to endgame than spend anywhere between a day to a full month grinding for a full set of gear. Then there is the fact that items don't drop anymore once you've exceeded the level of the mobs you're killing. So I'm not suggesting anything "free", but hey if you put these skins on the cash shop, i'm sure i'm not the only o
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