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  1. When do I get other feathers?

    When I arrived in Gelkamore and couldn't free fly, I was very dissapointed. Also why is it that in the cutscene I am seen with brand new wings yet I still have the base model in the game?
  2. Letter to NCSoft

    You guys think they will add flying again in 7.0?
  3. Installing Aion

    If you just deleted the files, you need to go to control panel and uninstall everything there
  4. When do I get other feathers?

    Thanks for your reply, I have another question. Did they remove free flying in 6.0? I can understand they removed it for pvp but they could've used it for certain pve options (or IDK, added flight mechanics so flight pvp would be more fair, like side dashing for certain skills) As a new player, it is very dissapointing to play a game that is marketed as a flight/angel game but ends up being no different as the gliding in GW2.
  5. Hi guys, I am a new player and love the asmodians. Though, I don't really like their base wings so I was wondering at what point I will get new feathers through the leveling experience. Thanks in advance