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  1. @Cyan Please hear out the players/community, this event is supposed to be good for both mains and alts. Requesting to remove that 3rd bulleted line, having the item tradeable via broker isn't an issue. please DO NOT touch the cauldron coins, thanks.
  2. It worked, I got EU version just copied that file to the NA music folder. thanks.
  3. I really enjoy listening to the login screen soundtrack. I wish our login screen had vocals. @Cyan Any chance the soundtrack be updated to this?
  4. I am pretty sure it wasn't supposed to be published by the webmaster until it is approved by head of the department. Let's just be patient, it will be announced soon if that is the date they have set for it anyway.
  5. I wish people would be happy of what they get.
  6. Thank you for not putting in Berdin star, shards and other crap in the rewards pool.
  7. Hi Guys, has anyone did a test using crippling rupture on another player? It says in tool tip that it reduces physical def by 8%. I did a test on another player and it only reduces about 6.9% physical defense. Can someone confirm this?
  8. I believe that, that buff is fair. It gives chance to faction with lower number players to get forts making it more challenging to the faction that has dominated the server(number of player wise). Only thing is, NC should fix the tool tip saying it is Level 1.
  9. Reposting this: I was told by a GM today that this is the place to voice out your suggestions... @HimePlease take the Berdin Lucky star out from the prize pool, thanks.
  10. I was told by a GM today that this is the place to voice out your suggestions... Please take the Berdin Lucky star out from the prize pool, thanks.
  11. Sorry to hear about that Hopea, My deep condolences to you and his family. He was a really good sorc to play with. Rest in peace.
  12. Hi Aftershock, Good to see you man, I hope it will be a bit more enjoyable and NCsoft resolves the issues the community is bringing up to them. See you around
  13. Hi Aly, Thank you for your insight. I guess it is really up to us if we really want to get stuck with this game again. I am a hard core player when I am not at work. Like playing nonstop all day. from running pvp instances forts pve instance world pvp / zerging etc. Nowadays I see that after doing weeklies and instances nothing else to do but world pvp, so maybe that is a good way of balancing between real life stuff and game stuff. But this doesn't apply to everyone, most of the people that play this game, wants more. I also agree with the very low success rate in enchanting, acquir
  14. Hi everyone, I've seen lots of old names asmos and elyos around. It has been nice seeing you guys again. Well I'm trying to get back in the game but reading at the forums it seems that it is not a good time coming back. The reason I've come back is wife, kids and nephews started playing it again. What are your thoughts?
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