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  1. lol. Damn...I returned 1 year too early to play.
  2. Ah ok. Where can I get legendary stones? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I just burned through 76 stones and the closest I got to was +14 and ending with a +12. Out of stone and broke now (kinah wise) lol. Is this normal? Was pretty excited to come back playing Aion. But this is so discouraging... Any tips out there on how to reach +15? I feel like I'm doing this all wrong.
  4. Let me know if youre looking to sell Templar's stigma - prayer of victory. Thanks!
  5. Abyss Relic Exchange Location and ETC

    Thank you! traded in
  6. Abyss Relic Exchange Location and ETC

    Great! Thank you. If no one points out the Sanctum one, I will try Panda
  7. Hi All, I just recently came back to play Aion 6.0 and honestly, I'm a bit lost. I have all these old items and gears that seems to be useless now (I do more dmg with new pve gears). Can someone point to me where I can exchange AP relics (crowns and etc) and if possible trade in old AP gears? Screenshots would be extremely helpful..! Thank you! Also, i see a new animation for a skill called bloodwind slash? Is that a skill that templars auto acquire at level 78? Thanks again!