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  1. Hello, First of all adding this event instance on a permanent basis was one of the very good idea NA has put forth, it's a little bit of everything for everyone that actually likes to put in the time to farm, that being said, could we have an updated reward list to match 7.5? For example the transformation contract box is 10 Type only and although that was the norm back when this was added, we have a lot of new legendary transformations now, I'm sure a new box can be added to reflect the current situation, maybe even add gemstone/runestone fragments. I hope this will be at least put fort
  2. All I want to know if who at NCWest will get banned for this!
  3. I don't blame him for doing his job, but since he's the one writing the excuses I'm gonna mention his name in my post, if I knew who telling him to write that I would mention them instead Well poor management has been shown for a few years now, and that's because they won't want to throw money at the game, again a decision by the people in charge, and a sound one, I'm not gonna spend money on something that's slowly going away, when profits dry up close it and move it, simple as that. We'll probably get another merge soon, we just lack population, on DN Elyos side there aren't more than 2
  4. Uhm, going stong is what Korean servers are and maybe EU. EC bug going around for 3 months that shows how dead it is. The excuse Cyan gives is what I tell my clients when I just didn't have time for their projects and had more important ones to finish Just standard company lingo to give people something.
  5. The issue is they didn't shut down EC right away, they allowed the abuse to continue. They timed their ban wave few days after a heavy p2w event started, that's shady as hell, give us your money and noooooooooooooooow ban!!! NC doesn't care about Aion NA, only reason we're alive is cause it doesn't cost a lot for them to just translate and move content here , oce the profits dry up it's gonna bye bye server, you can see their "compassion" for their other games Ec is off for almost 3 months now? That's just plain laughable like really how incompetent are those developers? or wait, yeah,
  6. If you could select the gold or green contract then sure it would make sense for collection, but since it's random it'a a waste of coins =) Enchant stone are an even bigger scam, 150 for a legendary that's probably going to fail anyway, and pve nonetheless you can easily farm 10 of those a week or just buy them from bcm. Don't even try to defend your position cause it's not working. The legendary is a big dangle and if you buy anything else you feel like you lost something not that you gained something. I'm not denying you can easily get legendary with a bit of money and/or kinah, I'll p
  7. The real thing is the event is made in bad taste. Tweaked so the only logical reward would be legendary contract, and then further tweaked so you can't achieve it without paying. I literally finished the 5 key quest and the scroll quest, but lo and behold the npc got locked in a dunged somewhere and cannot attend the event. If the other rewards were decently priced, it would make sense, but who in the right mind wants to spend 750 coins on a red pve stone? 300 on a green xform? Literally name one reward except legendary that's worth buying, and no, ancient doesn't count cause it's 500 for 1
  8. I think you're missing the point. They made event specifically to be pay to win that's what people are complaining about. They took out the scroll/key quest reward, they took out the big chest, they made the rate from small chests specifically so you can't ever reach the 1k required for legendary. Honestly I would rather they take out the legendary reward and leave the rest as it is, dangling it in front of everyone and asking for money is a stupid way to make business, hence the backlash on forum and in game. They have been really poor with the new events, they had 1-2 good ideas, res
  9. The people in charge of reward need a pay cut. Some useless rewards for a lot of coins and the rewards everyone wants can't be obtained in game by running the instance for 4 weeks straight and getting S rank each time. The old reset scrolls don't work anymore, the old 5 keys quest reward can't be finished anymore. For every good thing thing that happens on Aion there has to be something else that pissed people off to no end.
  10. Was it from combining white/green ones? or from opening contract?
  11. I know this might be a bit off-topic but anyway... Has anyone got a the new 6.5 xform from combining? I meant the 2 new green ones(Gold Can/Brown Bunny), the 7 new ancient or the 3 new legendary(Modor/Prigga/Voila). So far I did over 100 combines and never got one of the new ones, I only got them from opening contracts. Would like to know if this is actually bugged or I'm that unlucky with trying to get new ones.
  12. My 2 mains have all the skills, since game came out i got over 40 skill books, like I said if you are not getting them and you want them, you are doing it wrong. And I got most from farming not events.
  13. 1. Adding Luna Kinah Bundles to bosses inside instances would be perfect. People don't realize how much of a good thing xform contracts inside instances are. Without those most would be running around with green ones still. 2. No. There are people who made billions with those, just takes enough alts. 3. No. Keeps broker competitive, you risk putting things expensive. 4. Yes, since kinah is required for a pure pvp player. 5. Depends on Korea so probably no. 6. Also a maybe, though this has to be carefully done. Kinah is doable, since 6.2 came out i managed to keep the same amount
  14. Don't know about you but i got like 8 Ultimate stones 4 Ancient contracts like 80 regular contracts, didn't even count leg stones cause those can be farmed easy, like 6 legendary daeva skills. And a lot of other useful stuff besides that, and I didn't spend a single kinah on those. It's all about luck, sometimes you have more sometimes you have less.
  15. Events are meant to augment what you already have. Besides kinah if you're missing anything in this game you're not playing it right. All the enchant stones can be farmed. Daeva skills can be farmed, xform contracts can be farmed, Last event I opened around 300 boxes and rates were decent, not so much to overpower actually playing the game and not so bad you would feel cheated. I hope this event is around the same rate can't judge until you actually try it though.
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