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  1. Feedback: Event Thread

    We are sick of the following events Afk events (its not really an event it is just doing other things with a weight on ur space bar to jump so u dont get dc) current instance run event to gather stuff (it is torture to run IDD, PFNM, SL Easy they are so boring and easy we dont want to be forced to run them for an event item) Pay to win there should be no extra entry or keys in BCM and players with and with out Prestige should have the same chance. Bad weekly resets. You take the server down for maintenance and bring it up before weekly reset giving people extra runs. That is unfair for people who are at work at that time We want something new or something we haven't had in a long time to actually run.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 12, 2018

    2 words animal cruelty