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  1. You have never gotten stuck ever??? Ya your extremely lucky, you can ask literally anyone else and they have gotten stuck at least 10 times. I'm not saying the instance needs a change, it's just a bug that needs a fix.
  2. ya I do dominate them, my winrate is 90% I was just winning one, and then I got stuck and they cameback off of just that alone. "works fine" bRuH
  3. I'm tired of losing IB runs bc I get stuck, and/or buffs don't work and an enemy gets it instead when I've been jumping on the buff for 10 seconds straight. We are forced to do the most asinine instance in order to get geared and its ridiculous. If your going to add frags to this garbage instance, at least make it playable. @Cyan please tell the devs to fix this annoying instance....
  4. When will we get the fighting spirit capsules in the bcm?
  5. Ok thank you just wanna make sure before I make all these level 10 alts
  6. Hi this might sound like a dumb question, but if we get the XP buff today before we log off, will we still have the buff tomorrow for that remaining 5 hours?
  7. Cauldron coins being able to be sold on the broker is NOT and issue, its something that we NEED, and your literally ruining the event and making it another pay to win t r a s h event by doing this. If your going to do this then at least make them trade-able... But hey whats new LOL.
  8. Ya tbh I mostly just want a kromede contract, the mats are cool I guess, and if I get a ulti manastone cool, I've gotten 1 each of the 3 days I've done this and didn't get anything I needed tho so lol. At this point I realize that it's REALLY not worth the stress trying to do these bosses unless you need an extendi lmao so ya I agree.
  9. It depends how you look at it, anomos was more rare and unpredictable so basically you just so happened to have to be on right? So in that case ya it was worse bc now its easier since u can basically do 3 anomosa night right? However the only way your going to be able to participate is if you stay up for 3-4 dreadful hours and press buttons all forever. Anomos was one boss LOL, and it sometimes spawned at a fair time. Now we have to kill 3 anomos on steroids... So whats really worse? But ya exactly, why let a game change your RL schedule? Good for you.
  10. N Nice dude! Expose me the one time I have to rub one out or take a shit! OMEGAJA
  11. I can't do this anymore gamers. I'm sorry I letting y'all down... I'm such a patetico gamer, not even a real gamer to be completely honest. My will power is just too weak... Ik the bosses are more important than my health but I just can't do it anymore! 3 nights in a row staying up to 6am and I already giving up. ); Goodluck gamers and hang in there! And don't forget your mountain dew so you can stay up for bosses every single night for eternity!
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