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  1. i mean why are you guys even surprised at this point? its like you guys think this is new, ncwest has been disappointing us for a long ass time, did you seriously think they would suddenly change now? Nah bruh its just disappointment after disappointment and even after that it will be more disappointment until Endgame.
  2. also fix the minion/pet bug, i am tired of them just coming off skill bar on their own
  3. Having a ton of silver cubics from Qubrinerk monster cubic lab, but no way of upgrading them and you rarely get the golden cubics, so as the title said will there be?
  4. they really should put it on forums,hmm why are they so lazy
  5. i registered and i did not get my mail or code for the dragon carpet pack
  6. When is the anniversary? When is the anniversary?
  7. i have used over 90 ancient stones on a legendary piece to go from +0 to +0, it never goes over +1 hahahaha thats Blasphemy! how can you suggest such heresy to Ncsoft, go and repent!
  8. you guys really need to go and check the enchantment rates, i bet its broken again because i am failing soooo much with legendary stones trying to make a ancient piece of gear +15. why do you guys keep breaking stuff and not fixing it, and ignoring the players on forums but "fixing" things that arent broken?
  9. Anyone notice how there is a lack of kinah in-game? But you need kinah to get items to get fighting fragments and such, there arent any good events to give items worth selling on broker to make kinah and broker fee is so dam heavy, I'm running in the red for kinah even if I sit and try to farm ancient kibs it's not enough to help me get the items I need to make gears to break down to get fighting fragments, kinda missing 5.8 because it was so much easier to make kinah but now ?????? ahh maybe I'm just the only one struggling. Sleep time now
  10. Nope not using VPN to connect, also I did repair file and nothing changed
  11. i disconnected from aion in Drakenseer's lair, i tried logging back into game and it started loading slowly, when i get into game sometimes i disconnect right away, i got back into game without disconnecting but i was in a state of invincibility for 5mins, i can't type to anyone, can't use any skills, can't change any piece of my gears. now i don't have invincible state, and i still cant do anything but run around even though i can see everyone typing in lfg, and run around. i just disconnected again. i give up screw this
  12. you know you guys broke evergale right? pardon my language here, but you guys nyerked up!!!!!! the nyerking game keeps shutting down with no warning only in evergale, the nyerk did you guys do? but you won't fix it, pathetic people!!!!!
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