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  1. Is there gonna be some Aion classic , some time ?

    Shut this down then. There might be 1600 players on this game between the 2 servers and thats probably a generous assumption. Bet a Classic Server brings more than that starting at 1.9 patch
  2. Cyan

    I'm not defending them, but i also dont expect anything from them with the track record they have. Everyone over here expecting fragments and pvp stones getting their hopes ups. Thats your own fault trying to speak it into existence.
  3. Cyan

    Sounds like your problem along with many others for being ignorant and dumb. Why are you still here? its been this way for a long time.
  4. The event was planned like this?

    Why should they change it at all, this event is way better than gambling on contracts lol. This event is literally giving you what you want if you pay some for it.
  5. The event was planned like this?

    Are you really complaining about having to buy 30 reset scrolls to get a legendary of your choice? Do you realize you could spend 100 dollars or hell even 500 on contracts and not even get a legendary let alone one of your choice? Even if you get a legendary from contracts, its random and probably will be one you cant even use. Pay up, stop complaining.
  6. GP

    @Cyan Instead of getting rid of resets completely from ID/IB, why not keep the resets in but after 2 ID/IB they will no longer give GP? The entire frustration i think from the community was the fact people can just contentiously get GP with resets. Everyone that resets ID/IB isn't just doing this for GP, but rather for stones/AP and groups that need people to fill spots. Keep resets available but stop the GP gain after 2 runs , thoughts from other people?
  7. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    Dont forget the FAQ said you would have to pay if you wanted to go to DN that is a valuable piece of information. I know you're just focused on free because thats what you want and you dont care what the FAQ says because it said free in another area. But thats not what your getting as of right now.
  8. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    You were mislead only because you wanted to believe it was free transfers from the website, you ignored the FAQ and what it had to say. Once the maintenance happened and cyan clarified everyone cried. Nothing is going to change
  9. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    No they just assumed it was free because thats what they wanted to believe so they put that in there mind even though it was in the FAQ said otherwise, they just chose to ignore the FAQ and focus on what they wanted to hear. So when Cyan clarified where the miss communication was, they tossed their arms up in the air crying. Pay the 20 and move along.
  10. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    These seem like questions for Cyan. The FAQ is supposed to answer all these silly questions which it did its not just a forum post lol. The Website is just a post saying hey we doing this, but click the FAQ for more details regarding the transfers. Yes he edited the FAQ on the 25th, thats your notification. I didnt say it was a good one either.
  11. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    Thank you. He even posted a SS of the FAQ stating that on Saturday., third reply in this thread
  12. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    Good for Cyan updating the website to reflect what the FAQ has always stated. Pay your 20 and be happy on DN
  13. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    Quoted for viewing pleasure. The third reply in this thread from Sneakattack has a screenshot from the FAQ showing that it said this from last Saturday. What are you talking about? Move along.
  14. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    The FAQ has always stated that it would cost money to go to DN, they have the numbers and its within their right with the data they see to charge people to go to a server that they feel has an imbalance problem. This was just not very clear on the main page but it was in the FAQ. Nothing to see here, move along
  15. No Server Transfers?

    Yeah they opened, but if you own anything other than a studio you still cant transfer. Since they locked the auction portion of the game, players with mansions or estates are stuck because you cant get rid of them.