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  1. Good Joke, there is no new players coming to Aion. Its the same regurgitated players that play from time to time. No one is looking to play a 11 year old game unless you have nostalgia with it and even then there is some fantasy world apparently where people think this is just going to pop like when it first released. There will be players at launch, but retaining those players idk about all that. If you want Aion to blow up again, there needs to be a totally new Aion project created for PC.
  2. You can clearly see the popularity from this tweet. 26 retweets and 149 likes niasu.
  3. I'm for a Aion classic Server but also cautious on what numbers it would actually pull to keep it going. I used to think there was a good size following but I'm not so sure anymore.
  4. I'm still trying to figure where where this Aion population is going to come from to support this server. We keep hearing this great population in Korea but I think we forget to acknowledge the West does not have the same interest in Aion and its not even close. People blame current retail for that but when private servers show up they don't even get up to current retail numbers which is why they die super fast. I'm not sure why we think Aion classic would be any different. I do think there is players who are lurking for a Aion classic server but is that enough to support this server idk
  5. None of this will matter when Aion Classic comes out in NA.
  6. I would def pay a sub fee to play Classic in NA. Yes I am a generic user... must be lying.
  7. Shut this down then. There might be 1600 players on this game between the 2 servers and thats probably a generous assumption. Bet a Classic Server brings more than that starting at 1.9 patch
  8. I'm not defending them, but i also dont expect anything from them with the track record they have. Everyone over here expecting fragments and pvp stones getting their hopes ups. Thats your own fault trying to speak it into existence.
  9. Sounds like your problem along with many others for being ignorant and dumb. Why are you still here? its been this way for a long time.
  10. Why should they change it at all, this event is way better than gambling on contracts lol. This event is literally giving you what you want if you pay some for it.
  11. Are you really complaining about having to buy 30 reset scrolls to get a legendary of your choice? Do you realize you could spend 100 dollars or hell even 500 on contracts and not even get a legendary let alone one of your choice? Even if you get a legendary from contracts, its random and probably will be one you cant even use. Pay up, stop complaining.
  12. @Cyan Instead of getting rid of resets completely from ID/IB, why not keep the resets in but after 2 ID/IB they will no longer give GP? The entire frustration i think from the community was the fact people can just contentiously get GP with resets. Everyone that resets ID/IB isn't just doing this for GP, but rather for stones/AP and groups that need people to fill spots. Keep resets available but stop the GP gain after 2 runs , thoughts from other people?
  13. Dont forget the FAQ said you would have to pay if you wanted to go to DN that is a valuable piece of information. I know you're just focused on free because thats what you want and you dont care what the FAQ says because it said free in another area. But thats not what your getting as of right now.
  14. You were mislead only because you wanted to believe it was free transfers from the website, you ignored the FAQ and what it had to say. Once the maintenance happened and cyan clarified everyone cried. Nothing is going to change
  15. No they just assumed it was free because thats what they wanted to believe so they put that in there mind even though it was in the FAQ said otherwise, they just chose to ignore the FAQ and focus on what they wanted to hear. So when Cyan clarified where the miss communication was, they tossed their arms up in the air crying. Pay the 20 and move along.
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