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  1. Thank you so much! (Hope I didn’t throw it away somehow) >.>
  2. Hello! I hope I put it in the right category As you can see, my name is this weird thingy.. I saw it like year ago, but forgot to submit a ticket. I wasn't playing Aion in a while, and when I came back (probably of merging servers) my name changed to this. Do you think it will be best to contact support or is there a way to change name without buying any in-game items? Thanks, Slenge ^^
  3. Nevermind. It was some bug that it before didn't appear in my special inventory.
  4. Hello! I wanted to share this problem with you ,because it just bothers me. I saw post like this before - in the old forum - someone posted reply ,but there was that issue with photobucket third party thing (uugh). I came to the hunter again,but nothing. I know how the poison looks - I watched several videos too,but nothing. I hope someone could help me. Thanks, Slenge Here's the photo:
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