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  1. They killed aion. If you guys want, come to Guild Wars 2. You have to buy expansion yes for more fun, but thats all. Besides expansion you dont need to spend real life money with anything, you can buy anything else with in game currency. And it is a lot of fun with a lot of stuff to do and meaninful updates every 3 months.
  2. Come play Guild Wars 2 with me, new patch tomorrow, with a new living world season episode and a lot more ^^
  3. The GP shouldnt be taken away from instances; It should be given when PvP happened. When I was a twink ages ago, it was fun to do dredgion, meet in mid, with 2 premade groups on each side, and PvP sometimes we would pvp the whole 40 minutes, or we would define who was the dominant group in the game and then after killing the opposite team few times we would take all points in the game by destroying those things I forgot the name, and even killing the boss. IF not, it was just hard pvp till the team who would win more and get more points would win. If they give GP when actually PvP happens
  4. Did you just started playing today? NCSoft, knows, realize, and publish that their game have lost thousand and thousand of players during 9 years. If you played the game along of these 9 years, you'd have realized it yourself, with all the server merges and then more mergers; Till they have only 2 servers. So from all servers they once had, full of leagues and lot of stuff to do, they only have 2 servers now that you get only 2 leagues on each side. I remember when people couldnt join league anymore because they would be full. Now you can have full league with alliances but not full alliances
  5. The thing is? what does makes one a daeva? what does the story of this game says? the thing that qualify us as daevas is the ascension to a winged being. So why do we have wings if we can't fly? Now you can't fly anymore, they took away the only place that we had and we were sure that we could fly there: Reshanta. I came back to see the new changes last week, and before that I was away from the game for almost 2 years, thats a huge difference, not having reshanta to fly anymore, when, before I leave, There were so many things and weeklies to do in reshanta, besides all the sieges. So they just
  6. And when you speak about it in ingame channels people wants to kill you and rage against you and tell you to leave. I mean most of people left the game already, and they keep telling others to leave. Someone said above that aion has loyal players who keeps this game alive, the number of loyal players is reducing. I am sure there are less than 500 loyal players in each server, maybe half of them on each server and it used to be way more than that. That's true about pve dungeons, and also true about pvp. I dont feel anything in aion anymore. They just deleted so much of the game and brought us n
  7. When you talk about elyos/asmos, I totally agree with you. but I am talking about a different matter. I am talking about you, talking with your faction, asking for information. or just making a comment about something that you think could be different and people feel so sensitive or offended from what you just said, that they tell you to quit the game, or stop "talking" just because you made a comment. About the rivalry the rubbish talk between factions, the competition, the hostile enviroment. Thats one thing I always loved in Aion. When I was asmodian in EU I used to hate Elyos, and being El
  8. What's up Aion Community. After coming back to Aion from a 2-year-long hiatus, I have some constructive criticism which I feel it is my duty to share, though it may not be well received by most. To provide some backstory, the first time I played Aion was in 2011 in EU servers which were managed by Gameforge. Around 2013 I moved to NA Servers and have been playing in NA since then. In these past 7 years of Aion I have taken several breaks, and came back recently to see how new patches had developed the game as well as to join a community I enjoyed so much long ago. Unfortunately, my p
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