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  1. They killed aion. If you guys want, come to Guild Wars 2. You have to buy expansion yes for more fun, but thats all. Besides expansion you dont need to spend real life money with anything, you can buy anything else with in game currency. And it is a lot of fun with a lot of stuff to do and meaninful updates every 3 months.
  2. what is really going on?

    Come play Guild Wars 2 with me, new patch tomorrow, with a new living world season episode and a lot more ^^
  3. The GP shouldnt be taken away from instances; It should be given when PvP happened. When I was a twink ages ago, it was fun to do dredgion, meet in mid, with 2 premade groups on each side, and PvP sometimes we would pvp the whole 40 minutes, or we would define who was the dominant group in the game and then after killing the opposite team few times we would take all points in the game by destroying those things I forgot the name, and even killing the boss. IF not, it was just hard pvp till the team who would win more and get more points would win. If they give GP when actually PvP happens, people would join PvP instances for PvP, so they could get the rewards. The winner team and the loser team both would get rewards the same way it happens in Sieges. The winnner faction gets more gp and the loser faction earns less gp, or even half of the amount of the one that wins. So people would join in premade groups to win, or they would just lose their ranks. If PvP didnt happen at all, noone earns gp they only earn AP, since the only utility of AP is augment gear, right? and they would earn pve rewards if PvP didnt happen. PvP rewards would be given only if pvp happened. Dredgion would always show pvp and pve kills, so only when there were pvp kills they would get pvp rewards. And they should try to match pvp premade groups vs pvp premade groups, randoms vs randoms. Still there would be people that would join to lose the match and earn the loser pvp reward. but they could make it different. Give Half Of GP, and lets say the winner team would earn 2 enchantment stones for the win. The loser team would only have a chance to earn it. Like sometimes it could drop for them and sometimes it wouldnt (and if dropped it would be only 1). Quests should be only for food and transformation items. That would stimulate people to do PvP. Also if they did all quests from camps around lakrum, all weeklies from all camps, they should get as reward 3 legendary enchantment stones. So even if people were undergeared they would do it to have a chance to get geared, and one only pve instance that would also give some pvp enchantment stuff. Like it used to be with EB. And they could do only twice per week, that also would help undergeared people to get geared, and by that I mean new players, because it is frustating to go around lakrum with pve gear, and die all the time you meet an asmo. There are asmos that as soon as they realize you are undergeared they will mark you, so all their friends can kill you, and you are unable to do your stuff. As we know, Not always people who are geared wanna group up with people who aren't geared to help them out, So the game could give other options like this. Also 1gp per kill shouldnt be given, and I tell you why. People would be farming bots or they would make alts on the opposite faction to farm it, like they used to do in the past.
  4. [Youtube] Death of a Game: Aion

    Did you just started playing today? NCSoft, knows, realize, and publish that their game have lost thousand and thousand of players during 9 years. If you played the game along of these 9 years, you'd have realized it yourself, with all the server merges and then more mergers; Till they have only 2 servers. So from all servers they once had, full of leagues and lot of stuff to do, they only have 2 servers now that you get only 2 leagues on each side. I remember when people couldnt join league anymore because they would be full. Now you can have full league with alliances but not full alliances in only 2 servers. Some alliances with only 14, 10 players. Some groups. The numbers are out there published by the Owner and developer of the game NCSoft, but you are saying we are all lying, the numbers are lying, and only you are right. The took away many content, and I am sure soon or later even this few people in NA servers and Eu servers who has been carried by Asian and specificly Korean servers will be gone. Most of them, till they decide theres no reason to keep it alive with only you and another elyo playing. Then you will say, oh but it has been 9 years. It could have been more years if they had taken other decisions, if they had listened to the players. I am sure a company that used to have and develop many games wont be happy to have one more game gone, and soon all other games gones. While other games are able to maintain their crowd there playing and even paying subscription for centuries even with shit graphics.
  5. [Youtube] Death of a Game: Aion

    The thing is? what does makes one a daeva? what does the story of this game says? the thing that qualify us as daevas is the ascension to a winged being. So why do we have wings if we can't fly? Now you can't fly anymore, they took away the only place that we had and we were sure that we could fly there: Reshanta. I came back to see the new changes last week, and before that I was away from the game for almost 2 years, thats a huge difference, not having reshanta to fly anymore, when, before I leave, There were so many things and weeklies to do in reshanta, besides all the sieges. So they just decided that we daevas, should die. They took away our wings purpose and made it seem like any other accessory. How many maps has Aion destroyed through all these years? One thing that was told in this video was true. This was the first game that instead of adding new content to the game, they decided to delete some of the content they already had. Tiamaranta, Katalam, Danaria, Reshanta (Abyss), Sarpan, levinshor...So many other maps gone.They now created 2 servers, Katalam and Danaria, and whoever is joining the game right now has no idea what those names represent to the game. This "Free-to-play" system is shit. It is like he just said, it is like trying to suck your players dry. This game system where you can only play certain istances limited time per week, or either pay for a instance boost that you can't buy with in game money anymore due to its cost and how much money you can make in the game. Makes you not have much to do. Fewer regions, fewer instances, more limitation. You have to pay more and more or you achieve nothing. I've been playing Guild Wars 2 and I love the way they care about their player base. They actually listen to people. They know what the players want and make their way to deliver it to us. We spend money in the game but we spend for things that are meaningful for us, not for things that soon, in the new update, they won't be relevant anymore. we buy the expansions but they are worth it to pay for it. If you buy cosmetics, you can use them and you can keep them, it wont get destroyed if you change anything in your build/gear. They show respect for the money we invest in the game and it is what most of us who are willing to spend money in a game want.
  6. (1) Log in. (2) See. (3) Logout

    And when you speak about it in ingame channels people wants to kill you and rage against you and tell you to leave. I mean most of people left the game already, and they keep telling others to leave. Someone said above that aion has loyal players who keeps this game alive, the number of loyal players is reducing. I am sure there are less than 500 loyal players in each server, maybe half of them on each server and it used to be way more than that. That's true about pve dungeons, and also true about pvp. I dont feel anything in aion anymore. They just deleted so much of the game and brought us nothing back. you can only play the game like 1 day per week and once you've done everything you could during the week, since it is all limited entries, you wait for the next week to play again. So you only need to log on wednesdays to play the game. The game was awesome, because we were able to fly, now they destroyed reshanta and we have to wait for 1 siege to be able to use our flying skill. And they even deleted all flying skills boosts from all classes. The thing that makes us daevas is our wings and now we can't use it, just like normal humans
  7. The New Aion.

    When you talk about elyos/asmos, I totally agree with you. but I am talking about a different matter. I am talking about you, talking with your faction, asking for information. or just making a comment about something that you think could be different and people feel so sensitive or offended from what you just said, that they tell you to quit the game, or stop "talking" just because you made a comment. About the rivalry the rubbish talk between factions, the competition, the hostile enviroment. Thats one thing I always loved in Aion. When I was asmodian in EU I used to hate Elyos, and being Elyos in NA, I hate asmodians. But besides all that, why can't your own faction be helpful and nice ot each other? So you came back, and people are telling you to leave. Ofc you won't even bother to stay when the game itself isn't being attractive and the community is telling you to leave. In a game like aion that used to be huge, and now it is clearly falling to pieces, wiht less player, almost empty even after reducing several servers.
  8. The New Aion.

    What's up Aion Community. After coming back to Aion from a 2-year-long hiatus, I have some constructive criticism which I feel it is my duty to share, though it may not be well received by most. To provide some backstory, the first time I played Aion was in 2011 in EU servers which were managed by Gameforge. Around 2013 I moved to NA Servers and have been playing in NA since then. In these past 7 years of Aion I have taken several breaks, and came back recently to see how new patches had developed the game as well as to join a community I enjoyed so much long ago. Unfortunately, my perspective on this game over the last several years has worsened due to bad decision-making by game managers, thus resulting in a gaming experience which is no longer fun or welcoming to both new players and returning players (the few which still remain). I am one of those players who used to love Katalam, Danaria, Tiamaranta, Full Sanctum Map, and Full Pandemonium map as well as all of the other maps which have unfortunately been discontinued. Sanctum has been reduced to half of what it was along with all things you could do in the game. Instances that takes only 10 minutes to complete, since those who are level 80 can simply rush through them, are time gated based in weekly resets. Additionally, players can only play certain instances 4,3,1 times per week, and players are not able to play other instances since it requires players to have that previous instance gear to progress. As an example, people say if you want to do FM, players must have to have full CoE gear maxed to 5. However, doing only all the 4 CoE runs that you are allowed to per week, what you can actually do it in one day if you play for 1 hour long, does not guarantee that you will get 4 different pieces of the required armor because you may get the same piece of gear 4 times in a row. Other than that, as they say, you will be carried in an instance in a non-friendly game. If you don't have the gear which is required, you may not be able to join a group for other dungeons or you will be at risk of being kicked from the group. I remember when people would perform a gear check to let players join groups for certain instances. In addition to poor individual gaming experience due to the way NCsoft manage things, the community itself has been unhelpful and even toxic at times. When questions are proposed in chat, there are seldom any answers or other players are downright hostile. If any constructive criticism is shared about the game or current gameplay, numerous players in the community will tell you to either leave the game or to “stop whining" after only making a comment, thus further encouraging dedicated and faithful players to quit the game and thus further reducing player- and fan-base. This is extremely disappointing and disheartening, especially when I reflect on my previous experiences years ago when the community was bigger than it is right now. Unfortunately, it seems that this game has been reduced to almost nothing, a mere skeleton of its former self. In addition to the above, a common consistency with all games managed by NCsoft is that players must either spend a huge amount of money on the game or play an unreasonable amount of time in order to be successful in-game. Even then, this time, effort, and money does nothing to guarantee that your gear and other important things will become outdated few months after purchasing/achieving it due to all often changes that always requires a new farm/money to obtain another set of new gear/or endless enchantment that can just fail over and over like gambling with your hard work, time spent or money invested to acquire that piece. Although the games boast that they are “free-to-play” it seems that NCsoft has found other ways to financially gouge their player-base. I personally do not mind putting money into a game, and have definitely been one to invest money in games I enjoy playing. I play Guild Wars 2 (developed by Arena Net, NCsoft subsidiary) and a FPS game through Steam, and have spent real-life money in both as well as in Aion, Blade & Soul, MxM, which are all NCsoft games. The concept of spending money in games is not a problem for me, especially if supporting a company that produces games well while caring about user experience. However, the way a gaming company wants you to spend your money is what makes the game worth it or not. Some may say that this game is not akin to real life and therefore should not be as impactful. However, as an avid life-long gamer across multiple gaming platforms, there have been numerous observations I have made regarding how some games are able to remain successful and relevant while others unfortunately fall by the wayside. One example is the following and is regarding Game Stylish, Fashion Wars, Cosmetics shopping, Cosplay, however you would like to call it. In Aion, if you purchase an outfit and you want to use it on one character, you will place it in your armor and if you need change the armor afterwards, you are unable to use that look anymore. Or, you have to keep numerous of armor chests in your inventory only to wear certain skins which may disturb all of your builds. In a game like Aion, especially, you always have to change your end game gear for another better end game gear. The other option you have is to use your Luna wardrobe. To use that, you have to spend money with your outfit, spend money to unlock a slot to put this outfit, and spend money to wear that outfit in your character. So, you have to spend money 3 times if you want certain outfit, if you want it to be permanent, and if you want to wear it in your character or change between outfits you already own in your Luna wardrobe. So, in the end, you have to keep spending money to use something that is already yours. Can you imagine if, in real life, you had to pay the store you buy your clothes every time you need to change them? Alternatively, in Guild Wars 2 and other games I’ve played, once you bought or unlocked an outfit, it is yours forever to change whenever you want. In GW2 you can even use the same outfit you bought through all characters whenever you feel like it without a monetary penalty. Even though Aion and GW2 are both owned by NCSoft (but different subsidiaries), it seems that there are major inconsistencies between the two regarding how spent money is valued and maintained. In Aion, it seems that money spent acquired from your real life hard work or from your parents real life hard work, has the potential to lose its value and thus gives the impression that it may go down the drain as easy as water. In my most recent experience after coming back, I lost one of my rare outfits earned by playing another game just because my previous gear on what I used the skin had become obsolete and different from this current game system. You may ask with this bad review, why I still care about logging into Aion. My answer to this question is simple: I have always loved the Aion concept and story. It is still one of best PVP systems have found in games, where the PVP is actually relevant to the story and to daily gameplay. I also have enjoyed the wings, the flying system (what was reduced a lot now since they destroyed Reshanta), the characters, and the skills. I love playing Songweaver as well as all other classes, as their skills are relevant to the class and also help to complement each other in a group. They all have something to add in a group instance. Despite all this, I have to congratulate NCsoft for the sense that they have let one of its subsidiaries, Arena Net, run one of their games in a totally different way than they are used to. It is obvious that Arena Net cares passionately about game play as well as the wishes and desires of their gaming community, as they listen to players and read what players write on forums and in game channels. Area Net was able to create a very respectful community where everyone feels relevant and where respect for other players and opinions is valued and upheld. In addition, people can discuss other games and make comparisons and have dialogues without becoming emotional or negative. I was elated when I found Guild Wars on the NCsoft website, which led me to Guild Wars 2 on the Arena Net website. My hope is that the same expectation, focus, and work can be put into Aion in order to make it more welcoming and more desirable to play in, where all levels and dungeons gain back their importance in the game, and players can help other players regardless of level and it still feel like a rewarding and dutiful experience. I don’t mean to say that things should be just recklessly and easily given away, but the barriers between the player behind the computer and the fun inside the game should be reduced through addressing game-structure difficulty, game management, player challenges, and incentivizing players helping others. MMORPGs should be all about multiple online players working together to have fun and create a satisfying gaming experience, and less about elitist groups who knowingly create hostile environments.