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  1. [Youtube] Death of a Game: Aion

    Flying should be all or nothing. What's the point of having wings if you can't fly anywhere but in empty cities...oh wait, there aren't any cities left. In Wow, you could fly on your mounts and still experience PvP. Course if you fell to far you died, but that was half the fun. Who could get the the first attack in....
  2. House Auctions

    I have zero hopes of getting any sensible answer from NCWest. I was finally able to submit a ticket, but my last one never got answered either. I was hoping someone here knew. If all the house rents are paid, there should be no house up for auction, and on my asmo server there are about 10 or so. Clearly several someones are able to list their houses etc for auction so I want to know why I can't. /sigh This games makes me want to /rage quit instead of leaving it somewhat gracefully.
  3. House Auctions

    No, I had to pay housing fees. And there are houses up for auction right now, so I want to put mine up. I don't want to burn thru what little kinah I have left after they stole all the legion warehouse kinah. I want my houses sold so I don't lose anything else.
  4. (1) Log in. (2) See. (3) Logout

    I too hate this patch. There are no options. Events are worthless if they are just a grind for a remote chance to get something you can't use. As soon as I can unload all my houses, I'm done. Both my legions are empty..everyone quit. I was the farmer/crafting for our legions and now I can't do that anymore. No money to be made for low level toons. and the LORE!! OMG they jacked up the Lore. I rolled a new toon just to see the changes. I couldn't even get past level 10. I quit reading the quests, because they just rambled on and made no sense whatsoever. Might just as well make me instant end game player. I feel no need to slog through messed up quests on 10 alts and then get to end game to do nothing. (not a pvper at all) Unless they bring back other things to do in this game, I'm done for good. And I'm sad about that because I loved this game, but this is the last straw! RIP Aion!!!
  5. House Auctions

    I have several houses I've been trying to auction. I have the fee, but I get the message that I can't do that right now. What does that mean? Is there a secret time I need to log in to do this. I don't want my house stolen by default because I quit paying the rent (which is up to date). Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  6. Black Cloud prices

    I don't even know why we have to go thru the song and dance to buy coin, when we could just buy directly from the website like other games do. One more thing to waste time and money. I quit buying stuff because this game is such a hassel now. I loved AION, but now there is nothing for me to do anymore. My favorite things are gone and I have zero interest in PvP.