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  1. Support tickets

    That is actually useful information about bumping your ticket. I had initially created the ticket and then went back to add on extra information by responding to it after 2 hours had passed. So I'm sure I just popped it back to the bottom of the stack. With that being said, I was able to figure out my pin code after going over possible number combinations that would have been relevant to me 5 years ago. Thank you.
  2. Support tickets

    Any idea on how long it takes for a customer support ticket to get resolved? I'm a returning player who played years ago and setup a pin code then. I have obviously since forgotten said pin code and submitted a ticket to get it reset, something that I would imagine takes minutes to resolve and fix. However, it has been a full work day and I have yet to receive a response. If this is normal, any idea on how I could apply for ncsoft customer service job? I would love to sit on my ass all day and do nothing while receiving a paycheck.