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  1. When you are that bored

    that is a 100% photoshopped, below is the actual screenshot that was taken when Ele came to the town.
  2. When you are that bored

    "get dookied on" LMFAO I've never heard this before. I love it and I'm going to use it. this right here is what i really miss, the old school rifting. Would be nice to have an old school pvp server like Korea had for a bit. Don't remember the lvl cap on it though.
  3. When you are that bored

    I'm pvping freely too! Will i see you out in Cygna today?
  4. When you are that bored

    to me it is quite hilarious. because i'm too poor to p2w. I will accept luna and ncoin donations.
  5. When you are that bored

    yea it falls out of the sky, but this way is more fun and excellent time killer when nothing else to do. I assure getting to Cygnea was legit. I cant even think of a non-legit way to do this. We do get some higher lvls to come out and play. That is always a plus.
  6. When you are that bored

    AP- we have gotten decent AP from all the kills. Dailies- yea, just to nyerk off players so they can hop on mains and come play...or end up making a forum post, because they got upset. I'm sorry you don't approve of how I spend my own time playing a game. Just a heads up, we will be in one of the towns between the times of 7pm-9pm CST. Just have to finish some camps and run a few instances 1st.
  7. When you are that bored

    nope. Plenty of red, on occasion there is a pink or 2. Exactly! Power trip? Na it's an excellent time killer after i've done all my camps and instances. Why would we be embarrassed? If they cant handle getting killed and end up quitting, oh well. Got to weed out the weak. Accepting Ncoin donations so i can pvp in lakrum.
  8. When you are that bored

    nope, definitely the Asmo way. If it's red, it's dead.
  9. When you are that bored

    it's the Asmo way. We lvl'd from killing all of you over and over. There is a camp on Cygna, when flipped spawned an obelisk we could bind to. Once bound we can only return when it flips owners shameful behavior? lol
  10. When you are that bored

    magic English please
  11. When you are that bored

    @Ele-DN what's your ely toon's name? So we can give you VIP treatment.