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  1. LOL obviously you can get better DPS if you "play it right" and got all your gear, but you gotta remember that when this patch came out mages suffers the most and you can tell easily by the DPS on the final boss. Everyone suffered obviously but the magic defense is ridiculous this patch and its critical cause they suppose to do DPS. Now maybe the DPS of SM been ridiculous in the last patch but you know what? they are mages, its suppose to be pure DPS and quite frankly that's the reason people pick that class from the beginning besides being able to fear or sleep, if there is one class that in my opinion that should be on the top of the DPS list is a mage cause honestly mages just squishy and suppose to nuke that's all. It's like the standard completely slipped and I don't even get the point of sorcs anymore tbh. Now I'm not trying to spam the same msg but I'm just trying to explain that the fact that semi-tanks like AT/glads do more dmg than mages is just retarded and I don't get it at all. Even with "good rotation" its sucks for mages.
  2. But why? why I can't rely on a specific class to do their job Ele? Clerics heals, glads tanks, chanters supports.. why mages, which suppose to be -again- the main dps in this game since we SO squishy and all we rely on is our dps, then why we need this extreme nerf? we suppose to nuke everything, but a geared sorc can barely do 8kk? is this even serious? like how is it even possible? obviously you wanna rely on your heals and your tank, you also wanna rely on your dps. Mages shouldn't be nerfed like that to a point which is just seem like a joke.
  3. Magic defense is waaaay too buffed

    This is just BS. It's really frustrating to be honest, because here I am trying to land every skill possible + having ultimates and barely do half of what a good geared glad can cause they made the bosses too difficult for mages, like whats the point seriously? How am I supposed to be picked as a DPS to anything when you play as a mage and struggle so much compare to everyone else? this is just not even encouraging or makes you wanna improve in any way cause you so far behind for no good reason really. I don't know if the cubic work for IDD, I believe it's only for the new instance.
  4. There is nothing "challenging" in this. If i want to compete against a cleric DPS then maybe. At least if they already had this new patch who brought all the classes to the same level so then everyone should had experienced this "slightly" difference with DPS. They made everything harder, so at least it was a fair competition then I would call it "challenging". this at the moment is completely unbalanced. Whats even the point of playing a mage anymore (which btw suppose to be a main DPS character) when you can't even compete properly against anyone? how come a glad AT chanter stay almost the same while we suffer cause the magic defense is too high on a boss?? this is just a complete BS.
  5. Whats up with that? I understand they buffed IDD and PF but there is such a drastic DPS with sorc/sm it's insane. How come a sorc with +15 IDD orb is barely gets the 10kk dps?? even I used to be in the top of the dps before the patch and I understand they nerfed SM with the IC being 4 sec now but come on. seems like melee stayed the same but you nerfed the mages way too much