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  1. Enchanting

    at +13 to +15, is hard to make it up even +14. Feeling sick if at first effort fail then fail again. I have a trick. With Genesys Crystal, I buy a ring (for example : the cheap one is a ring), then preparing 2 ultimate enchantment stones. With ancient stone, I enchant that ring till +4 or +5 (usually success in a row). After success upgrading (for example +4), Klick OK back to normal start enchantment and keep the ring at that place., Then I click my +13 (or my +14), select stone enchant with Ultimate one. For me, this way giving much success.
  2. My ranger loses PVP Legendary wing inside IB. At that time i put PVP gear on. I just glide with that wings heading to the room for upgrade skill level. I clicked the statue, bought the skill scroll ... ok... (.....inventory window opened), at the same time IB was done and we won. So I clicked leave and back to Lakrum (with the dialogue still active behind). I checked my inventory for the rewards. I saw my PVE wing jumped alone at the empty slots below. Curiously why? This wing should be lay at the slot line (auto arrange). To make sure, I changed to PVE gear than back to PVP again. I saw the slot should wing layover was empty. I saw at profile, my PVP Legendary wing slot is empty. Gone! I missed you my wing.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    still cannot logging
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 16, 2019

    I am still waiting