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  1. Servers Crashed?

    Oh okay, thank you
  2. Servers Crashed?

    Anyone have any idea how long this is supposed to last? I know it's happend before but I wasn't around when it did, any ideas? Or does it depend if the gm's actually care?
  3. Keyboard Issues

    So I wasn't sure if this belonged under this topic or not but whatever...I'm having an issue with my keyboard and Aion. I know it's not any other program besides Aion because it only messes up when I open it. After maybe 30 mins of being inworld, my laptops keyboard stops working completely. I wasn't going to put this up here because I figured I could fix it but after losing a Fissure, I'm pretty pissed. It has done it before but after awhile of turning my laptop on and off so many times the keyboard will stay on during the program but now it's not cooperating. Any ideas on what I need to do?