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  1. So, baby Gojira was suppose to spawn at 5:00 pm (pst) (7 mins ago from me writing this), and never did. The shugo that gives the daily event quests is also no longer there. I am assuming NCSoft is going to nerf/fix/tone-down Gojira and baby's health? Make some changes like multiple spawns a day to help all players achieve the 5 completion, and possibly make it so players can be in an alliance together? Still would like a response from someone in the community event team, thanks!
  2. Any chance for an update please? I also forgot to mention that NCSoft advertised that the quests will be given in Heiron when they were actually given in Eltnen. Also would have been nice to know that Gojira and baby stay spawned for only one hour. Anyway, a reply would be great from someone in the community event team, thank you!
  3. For Siel Elyos, we just killed baby Gojira, and only one single person in the entire alliance/league received the quest update for killing. Can NCSoft please help guide the players on how to properly achieve credit for the quests? Do we remain in group? Why did only one person in the alliance/league receive quest update? They were level 50 too.
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