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  1. it does say adjusted but not in which direction. i have been farming out there a bit and it does seem to be lower rates. Can a GM confirm? this is a good point aswell. as a playing trying to grind a godstone for my new weapon. if this is indeed a nerf to drops, and theobamos is where most people try to farm godstones, its not very fun for the real players trying to advance our characters in a fun way.
  2. great news, good job NCsoft! @Kibbelzare you also checking the people who traded officer kills for godstones? there was also people selling the officer kill quest that rewards a godstone for irl money. i do hope you take the ill-gotten godstones away too as they provide an unfair advantage in pvp. should be easy to check to see if they just killed the same person over and over. etc
  3. alot of the people playing low levels are playing them because theres little content for their main lvl 50 character. i hope you arent holding 1.5 because we're playing alts
  4. the guy in town that sold hundred of candys from a private shop sure bypassed the 1 mil cap
  5. its actually a common glitch if it was linked from the notepad
  6. well i know they had a bug about a month ago where the enchant rate reverted to a much lower version and had to compensate us enchant stones, and to be honest the current rate is similar to the time where it was bugged. was just wondering if @Cyan noticed.
  7. 32 ancients. But I've heard a few in my guild complaining their gear wont go up as well. I was just wondering if more people have noticed.
  8. I've tried to enchant a few legendary pieces and since maintenance and cant even get them over +1, did they revert the enchanting rate again?
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