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  1. We can sit here and argue about whats wrong and whats right, whats fair and whats greedy and who's nice and who's mean. People are here to cry about whatever it is that hurts their ego/feelings/self justice. Truth is no one cares. We all come here to please ourselves with our bittersweet Aion sob stories and agree with people who are similar or hop on hate trains of those who differ. So heres to another dramatic patch. Please keep up the drama. It is at most, slightly entertaining.
  2. This patch is designed to be competitive. Leagues are maximum 194 players and thats similar to the max amount of players you can fit it a legion. This is one legion. Even if you fit a whole league with people there will still be others who miss out on loot . So stop crying! Merge with other legions to get stronger! Learn to adapt to the way the game wants you to or just uninstall. Sorry, not sorry.
  3. @Cyan I think it would be much more simple and worthwhile for everyone if you just drop the survey, and do an emergency maintenance. The people who were participating in the event have been ripped off of there cool downs and even with this change (being the 2 box drop as opposed to 1) there are people who still refuse to do the event. I'm not quite sure how 2 boxes and 2 scrolls is suffice compensation for 10 total instance cooldowns, not to mention its for one character only. Emergency maintenance is probably the most appropriate action. I think its only fair that if you make a mistake
  4. Hello, The BCM currently has nothing to encourage this event. As far as im aware the only thing players can do is purchase luna to reset the instances. Generally you guys put up event items that players can invest, and yet there arent even cheap BCM reset scrolls to purchase. @Cyan Can we maybe get a reduced BCM price for luna perhaps? This event just feels like a stale rip off of the Shugo Vault event we had a few months back.
  5. Prep for dissappointment, and pray for the opposite.
  6. I do think that NA has been deprived of decent events since January, the last event being the only decent one as far as rewards go. I'm sure there are limits but why is NA the only region with events dry to the bone of rewards? This patch is pretty rng dependant (pretty much all of them are) but trying to slow down the progression of players via lack of rewards in events is just creating more of a gap between players that are lucky and those that are not (whether that is pay to win or free to play).
  7. Coming from someone who started 6.2 with zero gear i cant say that i know what its like gearing up in this patch in comparison, but i can confidently say that i think this patch is better in regards to loot. IDD is always 1 ultimate, with the chance of there being more, and the same goes for PF. We could do 5 PF's last patch and/or 3 IDD's and not see a single ultimate piece. The instances were easier last patch, but the reward...? Relentless. This patch yes, the difficulty has increased, but success = progress 100% of the time. The whole thing about new players... They wont get to end ga
  8. 6. Added items to the Challenge Coin merchant, Challenge Coins can be acquired from Crucible Spire. I believe this patch note was not applied at all. The Challenge coin merchant still has the same bundles as last patch @Cyan
  9. @Cyan Are there going to be any additional items added to the prestige shop or price changes?
  10. so... 6.5? Is there any information for the upcoming months?
  11. I say skip the scrolls and take us straight to 6.5 =U=. Thanks cuties xoxo
  12. If you combine 4 max rank C minions you can, based on chance, gain a max rank B grade minion. So assuming you are lucky, you CAN convert (500+300+150) x 4 C minium into 1000+500+300 B minium. Which means requiring less B minium to attempt the B rank combine and praying for an A rank. whether you consider it a waste of kinah or not, personally i think its worth more than vendoring the C minium.
  13. Will there be any restrictions to transfers in regards to populations of servers(not including EK)? @Cyan
  14. Cyan already meantioned that we would be getting compensated for this bug. https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/4189-daily-luna-box-is-bugged/?tab=comments#comment-42799
  15. I think untradeable is better most of the 5.0 - 5.8 patches were extremely boring patches due to tradeable gear.
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