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  1. Asmos got a lot of nerve. You guys were getting plenty before you guys had implosions on KT and DN. When Demaha first came back in 6.x the KT Elyos top legions banned together and farmed the 4 WB everyday for extendibles. We prob got over 150 kills easy and Asmos on KT maybe got 10. Then greed got the better of us and we disbanded our top legion and the Asmos under Fencer reigned supreme for a good bit of time. Katalam came out and KT asmos were still doing good until Fencer had his meltdown and the KT asmos lost their way. 7.0+ came out and KT/DN Elyos formed an alliance and KT/DN Asmos formed an alliance and there was some good back and forths and Asmos doing fairly well until more drama since KT Asmos don't have a leader or much direction and DN Asmos have major drama with the usual suspects xD. My point is, Elyos had to put aside our differences and people who said they would NEVER play with certain people in the same legion again, swallowed their pride and realized that you can't succeed without working together. Asmos either do the same, or get left behind like what's been happening. Now, being a KT Elyos myself, I hope you busters NEVER get your shit together, suffer. Elyos is the race of heroes, while Asmos only chose it cuz their eyes glow and got cool flips, you don't really know what being a badass is. Also, Asmos will succeed if they make their toons normal height and not look like giant asian chibi demon babies. If you think those look cute, you're a pedophile.
  2. How are sorcerers in pvp NOW?

    Lots of great interesting changes actually. SM fear movement speed reduction now increased, thank god! Here is the official Balance Lab update from KR, you'll need to use a translator: https://aion.plaync.com/board/balancelab/view?articleId=458&viewMode=card&size=20
  3. How are sorcerers in pvp NOW?

    Oh yeah, ultimate xform is a must (Kaisinel preferrably), but Ereshkigal can put you at 1% short of cast speed and atk speed cap and extra pvp atk so it's a good one as well.
  4. How are sorcerers in pvp NOW?

    Max geard sorc (+15 stigmas and daevians) with the vast majority of the offensive collections and cubics completed can 2-4 shot just about any class, templars included. If they have they have proper MagAcc then even MR isn't an issue. Some classes they would have to get the drop on first like ranger. The issue in NA Aion is that there aren't really that many stellar sorcs and practically ALL of the them are Elyos and play on KT. I haven't ran into an asmo sorc on any NA server that would breed any kind of trepidation that a few Elyos ones on KT inspire. So long story short, Sorc is godly provided you get your character geared, +15 your Daevian and Stigmas, complete the vast majority of collections and cubics (if not all cubics tbh), and you are able to react and think fast because it isn't a class where you can hope to face tank for a bit then take your time to nuke your targets like in old patches. Those pre-requisites apply to almost any other class.
  5. Ultimate Xform chance? (promo)

    Same. Also, the other selectable are the 10 types and Apotles in that same one as the Hanboks. Can get other collections done. Can finally get my damn Irnin for my magic attack collection. The 4 Hankboks Collection is as follows: Collection name: Local Products Are the Best Stat bonues: Physical: Physical Crit Damage +20; Magical: Magic Crit Damage +20 Skill Effect: Instant Return - Effect: Teleports to Bind Point - Cast Time: 0.5 seconds - Recharge: 1 hour Not a bad skill to dip out of a bad situation like a zerg.
  6. Put extendables in game again!

    My personal opinion, in all honesty, the one mechanic that completely changed the dynamic of this game making melee practically HAVE to have an extendable and to the detriment of casting classes is the fact that they allow everyone to get such extremely high and maxed out runspeeds permanently. That one change actually screwed up this game in PVP and is the single reason why they have such issues balancing classes. When this game first came out, run speed was probably the single most important mechanic to PvP. Your sprint skills and movement restriction/movement freedom skills were imperative. In that version of the game, 2s cast times made sense when people barely could get 7-8 run permanently and burst up to 10 or 12 in small doses. That's what they need to bring back.
  7. Put extendables in game again!

    I disagree, at least in regards to casters for the most part. They have to stop and cast skills that aren't insta cast, so they are subject to self-imposed roots which makes chasing and being chased an issue, and on average get off far fewer skills than any melee class as a result of cast times and not necessarily hitting harder with less attacks landing except for Sorcs. Casters also have instant cast skills that still root us in place for some odd reason. Without an ultimate xform, casters only get half of their potential realized where as just with atk speed the melee classes can reach their full potential quicker (of course ultimate xform is major for them as well to break atk speed cap by 10%). In this game, cooldowns between most skills are governed by animation speed which is in the vast majority of cases only affected by atk speed. Try using the lunar or solar buff without any atk speed equipped and applying and you're actually stuck in place for like 2s waiting for the first part of the animation to finish even though it's an instant cast skill where as with atk speed you can move still. Now imagine those same animation limitations on top of a cast time. Not to mention it is much harder to reach and maintain the casting speed cap of 75% than the atk speed base cap of 50%. Ultimate xform lets you break through that soft cap of 50% to go up to 60%, where as cast speed his hard caped at 75%. Only with Marchutan can some casters maintain a permanent or near permanent cap to cast speed. Caster base CCs are tied to a cast time (outside of insta fear/sleep and remove shock fear/sleep) that will always be that speed regardless of cast speed increase or cast speed decrease for that matter. So an SM/Sorc Fear/Sleep will ALWAYS take 2s to cast regardless if we are 75% cast speed buffed or debuffed to -1000% cast speed. The difference is atk speed after the cast to determine how quickly we can move on to the next skill. The only exception to the CC rule is SW Freestyle that for some reason IS affected by cast speed buffs and debuffs which make no damn sense and should be fixed as it is apparently an old bug from what I'm told or at this point in the game allow fear/sleep to be affected by cast speed buffs and debuffs, honestly with HP levels, Defensive buffs and skills and high dps skills, it's probably about time to do so as 2sec of casting anything just for 5s of CC time to it is atrociously inefficient when looking at the risk vs the reward. Where I will agree with you on ranged classes that always have an advantage is for the Ranger class who have an extreme advantage against most casters and some melee classes (they are a jack of all trades since they can instant cast silence, unpottable silence, CC with instant cast Sleep arrow and fast cast sleep trap, strip shields including BodyGuard and IronSkin, stealth with max speed, 15m+ jumps, and same range as caster- all with relatively short cool downs to dmg skills and silence). Just silence alone being instant from them with not much in the way of casting times on skills yield nearly max benefit where as a caster can attempt to cast a 1s cast silence on you for 4s and can't get off that type of burst dmg with multiple skills, the silence is usually a setup into a CC that we then have to use that time to dmg the target. I can use a few instant cast skills and dots in 4s but that is dmg over time and mitigatable and relatively low if not debuffed first which is part of the setup, and a sorc can blow you up but they have less skills they can get off because of casting and animation speeds so if you aren't immobile and unable to use a skill it changes the outcome most times. If you were just talking about rangers on this, I'd agree ;p.
  8. Put extendables in game again!

    We just need this event from NA KR. The original Yorgo's Weapon event event started in July 2020 that gave the new Extendables, now the updated version of this event from I think this past September also provided a benefit for getting an extendable as a ranged class (Bow, Spellbook/Orb, Aether Pistol/Canon/Key, Instrument). The new updated versions of extendable weapons don't change for Melee classes as it already provides a short-ranged attack distance boost, and for ranged classes we get a reinforcement zone type buff (which now there is a benefit and incentive for ranged classes to get Extendables instead of it just benefiting melee classes). The extendable weapons granting some type of buff for ranged classes should have ALWAYS been in game tbh. I could be miss reading it and both melee and ranged get the buff, but it solely looks to be for ranged classes. The buff I believe creates a reinforcement zone between the player and the target (looks to be about 5-7m radius from where you hit the target) that after 3secs proc and buffs everyone within that radius for 4s. I can't tell what that reinforcement proc does as I can't read Korean very well but the effect buffs 2 stats for 500 and 2 additional stats for 1000. when upgraded to level 2 the buffs are 1000 for 2 stats and 1500 for the last 2 stats. I don't know if they are defensive, offensive, or both (possibly Accuracy/Attack/Crit 2 of the 3 for the first 2 stats, and something defensive for the second 2 stats?). Can someone translate? https://aion.plaync.com/guidebook/view?title=요르고스의 무기 Here is a vid of the new extendable melee weapons prior to the update:
  9. Hence why I posted the whole quote from Kibbelz. It is implying that the consumption of 12 Legendary Xforms using the combine feature to get 1 ultimate xform selection box is a new feature (specific to NA even because other regions have a different stipulation like Korea is 24 Legendary consumptions but they get Legendary contracts much much easier than us) that will apply during Legendary Transformation promotional event IN ADDITION to whatever bonus transformations the present event offers. This event is promoting Legendary Transformations, so the assumption is that this "new feature" should apply, hence we are asking for clarity on this. You're only focusing on the last part of his post, the sentence before it is equally as important because it is advertising a new feature that clearly states consuming 12 legendary transformations will be rewarded with an ultimate xform selection box during a single promotional event. His last sentence is actually implying that the 12 legendary transformation consumption stipulation will also apply IN ADDITION to whatever bonus rewards an event is offering. Do you see recognize the difference now and what is being asked for clarity on?
  10. *sigh* Dude just stop. Your issue is that this promotion has an "event" tied to it.. The original quote from Kibbelz stated ANY Promotional EVENT. He also stated that the 12 legendary transformation consumptions was a "new feature" (this was not applied to other regions and is unique to NA as far as I know, other regions have different stipulations) that would apply "IN ADDITION TO" the stated event's bonuses. What are you even arguing? My assumptions are around requesting clarity that the previously stated rules still apply here. My first inclination is that yes it does and that it should, this is all based on documented and proven statements from NCSoft staff from the official website events page and the official forums. With your constant derailing because you don't wish to admit you posted bogus information and somehow feel victimized when called out on it when the call out simply pointed to official statements made by NCSoft staff in their entirety, I wouldn't even be surprised if they would want to even bother responding. TLDR: You gave your opinion, your opinion was based off an incomplete quote taken out of context, I then state that your information is inaccurate and post the whole quote (re-read the sentence in Kibbelz' statement BEFORE the one you originally quoted as that should be enough to tell you why what you originally quoted was inaccurate- The sentence in question starts with "With that in mind,"), I also requested that any further posts contain information "on good authority" and you act like I am trying to silence you when what I am trying to prevent is more misinformation as you've already posted 2 inaccurate points and continue to derail this thread because you feel like you are being personally attacked and have to try and get me back or something or other and also get in the last word or some ridiculous reason.
  11. "On good authority" in this case means provable information that NCSoft staff has provided. You quoted Kibbelz with the intent of adding to the conversation, however you didn't provide the full quote in which that proved counter to the point you were trying to make in your "opinion". Everything here you see me addressing with NCSoft and the community is based off of what was stated previously by NCSoft staff that I have provided sources for that can easily be verified and even fact-checked (which is what I did in your case when you quoted Kibbelz but didn't either fully understand what they said or only looked at the last thing that was stated which then would mean it was taken out of context). You provided misinformation based on your "opinion", where as I am providing information based on what was actually said and can be easily fact-checked and verified. Secondly, you are once again confusing and providing misinformation. This IS a promotion, NCSOFT is PROMOTING the new Legendary HANBOK Pixel Transformations. You can obtain them via the event AND via the BCM. In fact, this is from the main page in regards to this "promotion": Hanbok Pixel Promotion <--------- "The second part of our fall events will be the release of a set of four new Legendary transformations called the Hanbok Pixels! As we discussed recently on the forums, we have tuned these transformations to be more obtainable than in previous events (though still a challenge!) During the event, all store transformation contract bundles will be swapped for versions that can award Hanbok Pixels. Further, using Transformation Combination with Ancient and Legendary transformations will result in prizes. More details on eligibility and rewards are below. For the duration of the event, these transformations will have increased stats. Finally, the transformations will return periodically, so don’t fret if you can’t get them all on your first try." It's the freaking second paragraph in big bold black letters on the event main page- read it for yourself here from the source: https://www.aiononline.com/news/harvest-festival-hanbok-pixel . Since this is indeed a promotion, we would like clarity that the 12 legendary transformation consumption rules are in effect. If English isn't your first language and you are having trouble articulating on this topic, it is even more reason to not dish out information you aren't positive of are fully grasp. These replies are derailing the conversation and you are trying to deflect and play the victim when you only have yourself to blame because I am pulling my information from the same public sources that are available to you and anyone else here. You don't need permission to reply, I'm only asking that if and when you do, it is backed up by proper sources and good information, not off opinion and half truths because that is what you get when a quote is taken out of context... come on, man.
  12. Vantheria is correct, this was created for public discourse with NCSoft and the community at large. I am not against you speaking @Iostcrazyman-KT , just you providing bad information based off your "opinion". You had a good chance to add to the conversation when you posted Kibbelz' reply from the other thread on the first event along with the source link but failed to post the whole quote as it countered the point you were trying to make and therefore derailing the intentions of this thread request, hence why I said it had to be on good authority. To clarify, I don't have an issue with you posting so don't play the victim, I have an issue with you posting incomplete information and not even quoting the whole source properly based off an "opinion". It runs counter to what is trying to be accomplished here with the clarification and transparency requested from NCSoft.
  13. Instead of all this conjecture, this is why I am asking clarification from NCSoft themselves, so don't take this the wrong way but please don't respond unless you have it on good authority because what was posted that was written by Kibbelz wasn't the complete quote and does indeed lend itself to say that this promotional event should count AS WELL as the extra bonuses this event provides going toward an ultimate transformation. This way going forward we know for sure that 12 legendary xform consumption rules apply to any and all transformation promotion events, or each event will have their very own rules and the previous one stated back in the August event has been amended. Kibbelz said: "Hi everyone. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of feedback on the forums around your experiences attempting to obtain Ultimate Transformations, and we understand this has been a source of frustration for many players. With that in mind, we will be introducing a new feature which guarantees an Ultimate Transformation for any player who consumes 12 Legendary Transformations through transformation combination during a single promotional event (the current event concludes on September 2). This will also apply to all future promotions where bonus rewards are provided for obtaining Ultimate Transformations through transformation combination." That last line implies that the 12 xform consumption rule will ALSO apply ALONG WITH what ever bonus awards the present event offers.
  14. Just want to get clarification from the NCSoft crew that this news from the Xform event back in August applies to this event and every Transformation event going forward right? I have 2 ultimate xforms already but asking clarification for those that are still seeking to acquire their first. This was posted at the top of the transformation event back in August: Update: Beginning with this promotion, any player who consumes 12 Legendary Transformations through transformation combination during a single promotional event will be guaranteed an Ultimate Transformation. Players who have consumed 12 or more Legendary Transformations via Transformation Combination during the current promotion, but have not yet obtained an Ultimate Transformation during the current promotion period will be granted an Ultimate Transformation Contract Selection Box, containing your choice of Marchutan or Kaisinel Transformation Contract at a later date. For additional detail, please view our official announcement on the topic here. Edit: Stuck-out what doesn't apply to this current event. Source very first thing at top of : https://www.aiononline.com/news/store-update-august-2020 Current event page promoting the legendary Hanbok Transformations: https://www.aiononline.com/news/harvest-festival-hanbok-pixel
  15. Evasion

    I have 0 mag accuracy manastones on my SM and have those numbers. Just retunes, cubics, and collections. The rest is from end game accessories and buffs. As for EVA over MR, remember, the first thing I said was, "It's up to you". I have multiples of all the bursting accessories and PFHM accessories (3-4 of each except plume), just haven't sat down playing much to do Frigida to get necklaces but it's only a matter of time. Even from a gemstone perspective I have 2 dazzlings (red and blue)and 1 shinning socketed at all times and runestones are all +8 with crit def +10. Having said that, the reasons for MR over EVA is that you'd actually get more use out of it than you realize. With EVA alone, the CC from a stun or KD is up to 2s vs a 4s silence or 7s fear, etc. Remember that Melee classes also have magic skills that are typically gonna be a CC skill with exception to Gunner and AT which are all gonna be Mag Atk. I don't remember AT having much Mag Acc but with the mystic plate gear now i can see it being possible as well as gunner getting mystic leather. However, there aren't many great ATs or Gunners running around in abundance as the classes themselves are super rare. In fact, they are so rare that it's negligible to even mention the 2 classes instead of just referring to specific individuals. Look at it like this, if most melee classes have Acc that gets them to 19.5k from separate sets or even their main, it won't get them 19.5k Mag Acc. So they will still be hitting you for the same practically if you were in full EVA but unable to CC you so readily and you still have a RS with 7s to figure out how you're going to survive the next KD or AH. That's why i said as a cleric you have options before and after getting attacked to help mitigate whether you're putting up a 20k shield on yourself, spamming dispels in preparation for a silence you can pot since they can't bury, or flash or big heal right after the major dmg. As far as worrying about mages, I told you that they are much easier to navigate regardless if your MR can work on them or not, but it has a higher chance to on average because Mages are prone to not go mag acc over crit on armor. Also, the 2k MDef and PDef buff a player gets while feared doesn't affect the SM specifically very much, it was for group PVP mostly so Fear wouldn't be so OP with other players beating on the grapes. SM debuffs more than make up for the 2k buffs the target gets during fear to allow us to still 1 full fear rotation just about any target not to mention SM has bonus dmg to feared target with multiple skills. The inclusion of MDEF and PDef buffs on a feared target was more for grp pvp than anything else. And you def haven't ran into any good sorcs yet because you'd change your tune real quick lol- They too are extremely rare, especially on the Asmo side. As for the last thing you said I completely agree. in 6.7 I had a MR/EVA set that was nearly 19.8k on EVA and 19.3k on MR on one set, back when people were barely getting 14.4k Acc, it was the greatest thing ever and all i had to sacrifice was about 6K HP off the armor to get EVA/MR/PDEF/MDEF.