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  1. I thought in the lore of the game it was said that the Balaur began to look more human the more powerful they got. Dragon Lords being the most powerful, makes sense they look the most human until they xform into their true form of a dragon.
  2. Transformations

    Well, we can just go to their official history's page. https://www.mcdonalds.com/us/en-us/about-us/our-history.html
  3. Transformations

    It's not a nerf, it's the original speed value. Run speed is a luxury and part of the combat mechanics since movement speed slows are a big part of combat for some classes (especially casters/rangers). Now those slows are more properly effective. If classes want extra speed, they need to slot out stigmas for that speed, pop their run speed buff at the right time, or choose an appropriate transformation for the situation. As a caster, you actually benefit more from this fix than melee classes since you have to stop and cast some skills. You should apologize.
  4. Rate of Fusion Skills (new DP)

    Grats! Was it your better one of the 2?
  5. Abyssal Splinter for alts

    The pet stigmas are actually given during the level up process, well the vast majority of them. It's the ones for Spirit Empowerment that you have to probably buy heavy stigma boxes for. You use to be able to get them as well from the crucible spire vendor when you head up the tower and they were dropping those crucible coins. Best way though is to just make a new SM and level it up and you'll be granted them via quests if you can't buy them.
  6. Stigmas "Changes"

    Yeah the RNG in this game is insanely bad to the point of me wanting to call shenanigans because there are too many occasions where your RNG lands roughly in the same area. Like rolling consistently around the same number in a row. This is more than likely the reason you will get more fails on something than you should because you'll land more in the 80% failure zone hovering around the same number you failed with which is why you can get an insane string of 20-40 failures in a row when statistically, this shouldn't be. The inverse is that sometimes you can get in the success zone and hover around the numbers in that zone and get a string of successes in a row.
  7. Abyssal Splinter for alts

    Magma pet is the combination of the Earth Pet and Fire Pet. It has all the stats and spirit protection skill of the earth pet (HP and grp dispel) and fire pet (second best HP and atk increase buff). You are def better off using Magma over just the base earth pet. If you want it to be easier, you can slot all the pet skill stigmas and especially the pet daevian that does insane dmg and then you should be able to have him tank and dps the boss with lesser gear and still dot the boss up. Also, you can slot in Magic Implosion for the extra dot dmg but also to not get the extra spirit sub linked stigma as the non-linked one is an aoe dot heal over time (it's actually really underrated how good it is but Spirit Empowerment linked stigma is just too good so this one will never get used unless in cruicible spire maybe), so when the adds pop, you actually get quite a bit of healing on yourself over time.
  8. Stigmas "Changes"

    To be clear here, it will NEVER fall below +9 provided you are using a stigma enchantment stone. If you use the normal corresponding stigma of the same name at +9 it can (and probably will) blow up and drop back to +0 in an instant. Honestly, I hate the fact that you can't use the corresponding stigma for +9 since it would more than likely have a higher success rate than using a stigma enchantment stone. The only true benefit to the stigma enchantment stone is that it has a good chance of not reducing the enchantment level upon failure.
  9. Rate of Fusion Skills (new DP)

    Well that sucks. 51 skills is a lot. AT one is one of the most powerful ones too. Once unlocked you can enchant it with any daevanian skill book, after like +3-5 you'll have to solely use daevanian essences because the success rate will be about 20% chance with a skill book that isn't of the same name. Once it's unlocked i would NOT recommend trying to combine 4 skill books to get that holy daevanian one you looking for, just use the 4 with the dav essences and hope your RNG is positive.
  10. 7.3 top Korean pvp class rank list

    Oh okie I see what you're saying. The damage on it is really good but the main part of it that makes it nasty is the ability to strip 1 major buff so stuff like UD and IronSkin gets removed on one cast allowing for stuns and more control. It's also irresistible. The duration is 30s and just getting it to +9 gives it a almost a 25s CD so you can keep it up indefinitely, I lucked out last night and got it to +12. The 1 major buff strip is also the main reason for the daevanion skill that gives you the x5 multicast that reduces Magic Implosion and the other 2 buff strippers CD because you can effectively lower a person's def and dmg output by removing buffs along with HP buffs and HP Regen buffs- I think that is the true reason it getting used more because the ability to strip HP buffs/Def skills/DPS Buffs is far more lucrative. Why try to take down 25% of your HP over time with dmg skills when I can effectively remove 25% HP by taking away the buff that gave it to you in an instant. The only problem with the x5 multicast to reset strips is that it requires good attack speed since it's instant cast but also yes it requires the +15 daevanian as it's 5s off the cool down per hit where as the normal version only reduces CD by 5s per critical hit... I may actually switch to this soon over the x3 multicast that resets Spirit Bind/Rend. Stripping buffs also does good dmg per buff stripped. I can also strip my own dots off you for the instant dmg but that is a double edged sword.
  11. 7.3 top Korean pvp class rank list

    From my experience, Sorcs by themselves are severely lacking. The only way they shine is when they aren't the first/primary target which requires them to run with an SM (so that is the first target) so that they have time and freedom to cast, even more if SM MDef debuffs are on the target along with theirs, then they are little monsters. Sadly, this isn't always the situation for them. They def could use some love.
  12. How to get transforms?

    Honestly, as a returning player with no xform contracts, it would actually be worth it to buy the $100 (honestly the cost is too high but it is what it is) xform contract with the 1 guaranteed Ancient if only because you can get another 2-3 possible Ancient xforms from the bundle from the opening and maybe from the combines if you get a lot of duplicates. The xform contracts are that big of a deal if you don't have any xforms to have a decent pool to start from and at least ancient is a must, tbh. Maybe even getting $200 worth to get 2 guaranteed ancient and then have even more duplicates for the combines. The point is that you want to unlock as many xforms you don't have as possible so that you can get more duplicates to combine later on. The other reason is for the collections. Collections are so important this patch since now you can have all the collections on at once and you need to have as many new xforms unlocked as you can get.
  13. The game is broken for new players

    The ancient mats require like 200 of the shards, where as the Legendary one requires 40. The ancients are given often for each LugBug weekly you complete and the Legendary only gives 5 for completing 8 of the LugBug weekly quests. You get another 5 Legendary Shards by buying them 1 time a week from the Golden Sands Store using 25 Gold Ingots. To get a steady supply of Gold Ingots, you will need to buy 5 a day for at least 5 days of the week and I think they cost around 6 million Kinah for 5 each day. You will then need to buy the Ancient and Legendary Memory shard combine mat from the BCM. You can get 1 of each for free 1 time a month and to get a second one you will need to pay on the BCM (I think it costs like 1600 BCM or $20 for the Legendary one and about 800 BCM for the Ancient one). If you keep up with it, you can craft 1 legendary Transform contract 1 time a month. Also, the BCM items can only be bought 1 time a month for the whole account so not worth doing it on alts if you have time restraints, where as doing Luna on alts is ALWAYS beneficial and the ancient mat takes a little while to build up.
  14. The game is broken for new players

    To compound on this, I've waited until the 75% success Legendary PVP Enchantment Stone bundles were about 7 for each reagent (4 for a couple) before purchasing to maximize how many bags you can get. You can get between 1-3 Legendary PVP Enchantment stones from this bundle per bag! This should just be for your main. Also, make 1 alt to do Luna on and save ALL the luna mats until you have enough to craft the Ancient Transformation contract (want to say the cost is 75 of the common regents and 40 and 25 for the 2 rarest). You can buy the Ancient Xform mat from the BCM for free once a week (just get the ancient one and save it). Since the xforms are account wide, don't waste luna crafting mats from your main to get this since the legendary enchantment stones are un-tradeable.
  15. 7.3 top Korean pvp class rank list

    Can you give more detail on the SM Magic Implosion? I think even right now at +10 I can refresh it before it's duration is up. Duration is like 30s and the base CD is 30s without it being enchanted with stigma stones. It's still dispellable as far as I know.