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  1. That's actually NOT how a stimulus check works though. The point of a stimulus check is to get needed money in the hands of the vast majority of the working class as they will be most likely to immediately spend it (or spend it within a year) buying goods and services instead of putting it in savings, thus "stimulating" your economy. The ones living check to check in the working class will spend it on immediate needs such goods, services, bills while those in the working class that don't need it as much will put it toward wants like a down payment, an upgrade, a hobby, or also an immediate ne
  2. The sweet spot for Online games it seems if ping varies too great from really low to really high for the average player, is around 50ms-80ms. Most netcode operate off those specs, or at least from what I read for FPS like CoD. MMOs it's not as cruical if they have global CDs between skills but Aion is a game that doesn't really have a global CD at all. In my case, when the servers were in Dallas where I live, I was getting 9-12ms pings but had issues with those that had 50+ ping and higher because on my client they would be within 25m for me to cast a skill on but I wasn't able to cast a skill
  3. Doesn't change the fact that if they bounce ANY server, they should bounce the other as well. People on KT know prior to this AWS server move that they could expect a reset by Sunday/Monday so we'd get our instances done prior to. Since there is a limit on how many times one can do an instance, and a server bounce resets that, the side that gets reset still stands to benefit more. Unless our server is down for a couple days and we can't play then i'd see not resetting the opposite server.
  4. I went from 9-12ms pings with the occasional 6ms to about 37-44ms. I live in Dallas where the servers use to be housed and on 1Gb upload/download fiber connection. Honestly, I'm okay with the higher ping and looking forward to see if my issues I had before with having too low a ping will still crop up. Issues I had before were that players were in range of me but I wasn't able to cast skills on them until like 1-2s later or until their client updated the servers on their position to me, it sucked. Fear would make people ghost around/rubberband like crazy and fly straight forward even off
  5. They could just be lagging extremely bad. On your client the player could be up in the air while on their client they are lagging extremely bad. The best way to figure out if they are using some kind of anti-gravity hack, is to get close enough to hit them with a skill. If you are within range to hit them with a skill and the skill hits no problem, they are hacking. If the game gives you a message saying the target is too far away, they are lagging extremely bad. Sometimes you can just sit there and watch them and if they are running slow and ghost back and do it again over and over, the
  6. Easy, because for every purchase of the 1600 NCoin code ($20), NCSoft gives you 1 BCM Legendary Enchantment Stone selection box. In my case, from Aug of last year til about March of this year, I exclusively bought the $20 1600 NCoin codes and converted in-game for anything I wanted to purchase off the BCM. Put it this way, when the Lunar/Solar event came out, I sent in a ticket with my $20 NCoin purchase history and received well over 333 BCM Legendary Enchantment Stone selection boxes (a little over $6k USD worth) in which I chose the PVP Legendary stones. Using those stones is how I got my L
  7. For some people it will be an issue if they don't have Local Admin rights to the Aion folder- you can be a local admin on your PC and STILL not have write access to the Program Files\NCSoft\Aion folder. In that case, if you aren't comfortable with granting yourself admin rights, you can take the config file and copy it to your desktop and then you should be able to fully edit it and put it in read-only mode and then rename the original in the Aion folder and paste the new one from your desktop back in. Also, if you adjusted those settings and the game still gives the loading bar, take t
  8. What are you on? Paying per hour? First off, as I said, that would never fly for an MMO released in the US, it NEVER has. Asians countries allowed their gamers to be ripped off like that, but that would NEVER fly in the US. Gacha Systems may be allowed now, but even those and loot box style (like the Aion Transformation system) predatory monetizing schemes have their days numbered. Just look at EA in the Netherlands, there are more talks about it worldwide and even here the issue is being brought up by a Senator in California I think. Honestly, at some point mobile games will have a reckoning
  9. So from what I gather the main points of the classic server are the following: v1.2 Content with some v1.9 combat mechanics added in for the sake of balance and the v2.7 client since it had the CryEngine 2.0 engine. v1.2 = Lev 50 cap, no Dark Poeta and Dredgion or lev 50 Daevian quests. First update is v1.5 that will have those in it later. Leveling will be significantly faster with a permanent boost of 1.0-1.5 times the normal exp. Item trading is back, you have to purchase or acquire skill books (looking at you SM pet skills) and item drop rates are increased to reduce the time to
  10. This game is marketed as a Mass PvPvE game. As an SM I get jumped, ambushed, hunted specifically, location called out in opposite faction LFG, near guaranteed marked #1 in all scenarios of grp play and solo play and as a result I die ALOT. This is whether I'm out solo or in a duo (me and that vandal that killed you duo often and are buds) or grp pvp. Get over it. I've racked up more deaths than you if ONLY because who I am and the class I play. With my class, playstyle, and gear I expect it. This is not a SOLO friendly game, make some consistent friends and do stuff together often and gear up,
  11. That's not all, I know why that particular Vandal hit you for that much non-crit lol. I've already stated the reason before previously and he is one of the very few ones that were lucky enough to randomly unlock the skill and invest in maxing it out.
  12. The Vandal class is still new so they are still in the process of tweaking it to make sure it remains viable to attract new and old players to invest in gearing it up, that's just from a business perspective, it will be a bit and they will tone it down. Your +15 Adv Glacial Shard can hit fools for more than that-that are geared too. I've seen 68k and 72k hits from it on fully geared glads and without a 3s charge time and 15m range like this Vandal has to with a Lev 3 Color Monster. Your fight lasted 4s not 1s, your screenshot is misleading.
  13. Overgear who? Those handful of sorcs I've mentioned in other threads are in reference to ONLY other max and similarly geared people. Under geared people aren't even in the conversation as they are irrelevant from a balancing perspective. The game isn't balanced against under geared people, it's balanced against max geared, ulti xform, +15 adv skills, etc. Yes, some classes are super powerful atm against other classes without having to be as geared, some of that is to make it more appealing for others to play that class or until enough people playing them displaying how overly strong the class
  14. Btw, here is a recent vid with one of KR Aion's most watched sorcs Ckdrmsdl dueling a ranger (think Dykim is there as well spectating, sounds just like his ass in their discord) after the recent balance lab patch. This vid is just preliminary and informational, I'm not making any judgement yet one way or the other on how it affects your class as people are still adjusting to the changes there, but I think it is important because ranger is an insanely good counter class to casters:
  15. Not necessarily. Things change over time with each new Balance Lab patch. They try to balance and tune classes and test, their tests are done with max geared/skills/collection/cubics toons. A max geared and well played sorc is fine "enough" for 6.x - 7.5 in their eyes. Keep in mind, It's only in the later half of 7.7 they feel that all the tweaks to other classes are becoming an issue for your class (mine as well to an extent, the super high average run speed being the norm is the biggest reason I hate using fear because the speed reduction was based off of run speed scroll sub 6.0 era speeds,
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