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  1. the hacks are real o3o if he isn't idk what it is

    Both Ultimate XForms allow you to break atk speed cap by 10%, but not cast speed. Cast speed is a hard stop at 75% regardless of the xform being ultimate or not and what your cast speed status says. A 3sec cast skill will cap at .75s cast, a 4s cast skill will cap at 1s cast. There is speculation that you can go beyond the cap again for atk speed with the Crucible Spire water xform reward but it may only let you go up to that 10% cap that ultimate xform allows, not beyond (so prob not 13% atk speed beyond cap).
  2. Yes, If you Reset 1 Server, do the other too.

    That isn't the point of my post. My point is that in ANY instance going forward where 1 server has to be bounced, do the other too, regardless if they aren't experiencing the issue as a free reset is still a free reset on instances and certain materials used in PVE and PVP. And who are we to assume what they can and can't do because even if you're like me and do all 3 bosses in PFHM and have multiples of all the accessories minus the belt (hasn't dropped for me yet) or neck, you'd still need to do the extra runs for the 20+ soul stones per piece if you want to make multiple sets which a smart man would. It's not about what they COULD do, it's about what's right and the proper way to address an issue where both server populations have to compete against one another in cross-server events and content. Also, Luna and other reset options have a potential monetary value whether it be in-game buying reset scrolls or real monies via BCM conversion to purchase some form of Luna bundle. Also, I've already said that it's disruptive to us here on KT to have to deal with broken content. But at least the short term bandaid has some kind of benefit. I also recommended a survey of some kind with the weapon and armor box to both servers. Why are you only looking inward? Also, I pointed out that you also get another 5 PVP/PVE enchantment stone bundles using genesis crystals and Leibu Protection Pot that gives 10k shield on your main and all alts on the account to transfer to your main. That by itself is an advantage when enchantment stones are already not as abundant as they use to be. Don't be selfish, this is a policy change that benefits everyone going forward, and is fair to boot.
  3. Firstly, I'm on KT and benefit from the extra resets from this constant disruption. You guys here on KT messing around with the DN people that come to the forums demanding a reset should chill. They are right, for the last 4 weeks the KT server has had to be reset due to what I'm assuming is a massive memory leak on our host/cluster. It's getting worse and worse as 4 weeks ago it would start doing it by Tuesday night where we are unable to click NPCs to teleport, use broker, stigma master, etc. Every week since then it starts happening sooner and sooner. Now it's happening on Monday mornings by noon CST. In the next couple weeks, it may start happening on Sunday nights or potentially more when the new patch content hits and takes it's toll. Right now there is an event where you can get the best PVE gear including weapons which only a few grps can clear BE Normal Mode to get and even then the drop rate is super low as usual. To say that it's ONLY PVE and it's no big deal is not right either as come May 27th, PVP accessories change where having multiple free runs of PF Hard Mode to get your Earrings, Rings, and Belt (neck isn't obtainable yet without some kind of exploit I believe or plethora of stellium and luck to unlock plat atk and def cubics). These pieces WILL be the best for the slot come next Wednesday after another easy upgrade. So the more free runs, the better for those that can't consistently reset with Luna/Scrolls. I certainly am mostly indifferent to DN players and don't particularly care about what goes on on that server but on this issue at least I wholeheartedly agree with their plight, if this was happening to them we all here on KT would be in an uproar. @Hime going forward, you guys need to bounce BOTH servers in the event of ANY kind of issue where resetting one of them is warranted. And I mean for ANY kind of issue where one of them have to be bounced. Monetarily it's unfair and disproportionate. And from a game playing point of view, it really is a disruption and potential advantage regardless of how slight leading into the next patch. To be fair, because KT keeps getting disrupted and DN isn't getting benefited, you guys should just compensate both servers with a sovereign weapon and armor box for 1 toon. It's not our fault for the disruption and it's not their fault for them being left out either. The reset benefits everyone and gives them a bonus advantage even if it's just PVE, that helps in Katalam and other cross-server instances where the 2 servers can compete for World Boss and other PVE content that drop PVP gear or mats. 4 weeks of resets is already an extra 20 runs of PFHM without having to spend kinah, luna, or bcm coin. Also, the reset also allows you to re-buy the 5 PVP and PVE ancient enchantment stone boxes using Genesis Crystals as well as the Lebo Potions of Protection and gives you a free 10k shield. I buy 3 of the protections on my main and 3 on ALL my alts and put in account warehouse to give to my main which is easily over 15 more. I get about 30 a week now with the resets and people competing in Crucible Spire get another chance to practice or get into top spot to get the buff.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 6, 2020

    BoS DOES drop legendary box (can't remember if it was armor or weapon box - want to say weapon)- similar to how you still rarely get a lego armor/weapon box in Tiamat Stronghold. It was the original tier 1 voidsoul variety but super rare, I think i may have only gotten about 1 or 2 and I was doing 5 runs of the instance just about a week since lugbug daily kill 1 instance boss was implemented months ago. And yes, we can complain about free gear if it isn't gear the toon can use nor get into the instance to loot since the instance is solo. It's a bad implementation design. Not to mention, though BENM is beatable atm by some really geared people (I can do PFHM up to past Joten boss and working on 3rd), it would be even more attainable provided we had stigma enchantment events (KR has one ever other month) and platinum cubic events which we are severely lacking. So yes, there is room for complaint, or at least criticism.
  5. Winds of Change BOS should be Class only

    The reasonable and logical implementation would just mean to make it the armor box and weapon box. That way you still have to do it on the main/alt toon you want and spam it. BoS at the very least should be armor box if they don't want the weapon there/or be class specific loot only. Sovereign Armor box is already in game with the Windiel quest reward.
  6. Gear gap / Skilled vs Geared

    As for pets, do the minium vault, there is a chance to unlock A-Rank pet. I reset daily for 40 luna x3. It will take some time but it is faster now to level A-Rank pet to max and attempt S-Rank pet than it was prior to 7.2 because A-Rank Minium was extremely rare, now you can get as much as you want if you want to use alts to craft luna for your main to keep doing the instance. As for transformations, you can get 1 free ancient XForm right now from event TODAY, RIGHT NOW, and get 1 legendary of your class type after 2-3 days if you choose Valiant = Physical Attack type, Wise = Magic Attack type, and Clever = hybrid (Frigida, Sheeba). Get your Stormwing pet to lev 8 and get 1 more free legendary xform that has ALL current legendary xforms in it. Manastones, you can use alts and craft luna and keep doing Abyssal Splinter. There are ways if you want to work for it and grind it out.
  7. Gear gap / Skilled vs Geared

    Is it though? Right this very moment, today, there is an event that if you stay logged in and do the dailies and buy the free item from BCM you can get about 64 Daevian skill books all for free in 2 months to +up your daevanian skills OR you pick the stigma enchantment stones and x3 after the first 6 days to get pet to level 5 and x5 after 20 days once it's maxed level 8 and + up your stigmas. Can do a mix of the 2 or just wait until a stigma event. Right now, there is no excuse because the Gear from Katalam, and Daevian skills can all be gotten in a relatively short amount of time. 1-2 weeks for armor, and 2 months to get multiple daevanian skills +15 ALL FOR FREE 2 PLAY players. No excuses right now. Get on, grind for a very small period of time, and prosper.
  8. Gear gap / Skilled vs Geared

    Honestly, it should be easier/faster now than ever. Red Katalam ultimate pvp gear you can get a complete set within a week or 2 and faster if you do the purple bloodmark camp quests with multiple alts on the same account (you get free legendary full pve gear and pvp now just being lev 80) because the Katalam Ultimate PVP Armor/Weapon/Accessories boxes are ALL account warehouse storeable so you can easily trade it to your main. Even better if you get the Fierce pieces because they are better than crafted PVP and only 5% weaker than Ultimate T2 Dark Talon and I believe the re-tuneable stats are identical to Dark Talon. This gear will allow you to survive until you get full Dark Talon if you even will need to get it (def get the weapon, wings, and maybe accessories) because then it will be more skill based vs your opponents as you requested. In 7.5 it will be even easier because you can just buy T2 Ultimate Dark Talon outright with Genesis Crystals so start saving them up. Your only concern are enchantment stones which you honestly should be saving all the luna mats on your main for when you get the 75% Legendary PVP Enchantment stone bundle in Luna and do the one where each material use only costs at most 7 mats and sometimes only 4. Each bundle can yield 1-3 legendary stones per. Manastones can be gotten by doing Abyssal Splinter and trading the shards via account warehouse to your main. You may be able to do it easier on ALL your alts by just using the Red Katalam Ultimate PVP gear.
  9. Rate of Fusion Skills (new DP)

    Nightmare Shriek doesn't go through perfect resist buffs like FE, Contract, Aether Twisting, Painter Invulnerability skill, etc anymore. This was fixed in 7.2 (we are on 7.3) because it was allowing XForms to be feared. Prior to this it was flagged as irresistible pretty much. Most +resist to Fear buffs don't resist it but lately I've come into a string of Gladiators with +12 stigma for fear/sleep resist resisting this. Not all glads just a couple I know of for sure where it is habitual. It could also mean that I just need to get my MagAcc up because testing it with IB and Magic Freedom on the target didn't change the outcome since they are MR reducers and not + to Fear Accuracy. It's possible getting the +15 daevanian version could remedy this as well.
  10. Enchanting

    RNG is calculated differently for everyone in game. Some people have much higher chances at combining stuff while others better at enchanting and some great and bad at both. Crafting as well. I for one fall in the bad combine category which is why it took me forever to get Legendary Xforms from Ancient combines and had to use 2 tokens to get my first S-Rank minion while combining 4 A-Rank pets. I know some that got 2 S-Rank twice in a row combining just 2 A-Rank minions, I know somethat failed 6 times in a row using 2 A-Rank combines 6 times. When I first got my T2 Ultimate Dark Talon Wings, I somehow lucked up and got it to +15 without a single fail using only 4 Ancient Stones, 5 Legendary Stones, and 2 Ultimate. I had a ton of double procs. I tend to get good odds enchanting gear in general but the other day while making a second set of T2 PVP Dark Talon Accessories (I have over 30K fighting spirit framents, and over 2.5k Ancient enchantment stones) I decided to test something when I was having a bad enchant rate on an Ancient Ring and Necklace that would not go to +11 from +10, and I'm talking 10 and 15 fails in a row constantly on an ancient piece and when I would get it to +13 a legendary enchantment stone would break and bring it down to +10 again. All of my other recently purchased ancient accessories were +15 without much issue but these 2 pieces were annoying the hell out of me. So I said screw it and disenchanted them and bought another ring and necklace with genesis crystals... Same thing with a plethora of fails in a row at +10. DE'd them and got another one, and another one because I wanted to see if it was really the enchantment rate, the item, or me... I used over 250 Ancient PVP Enchantment stones on mostly 1 of the 2 Ancient pieces (the ring). I feel like there are going to be items that will be a bane to your existence which makes me think it's a combination of the player and the item when it comes to RNG. If enchantment rates are indeed what they were changed to in 6.5 then for an ancient piece going from +10 - +15 you are suppose to be getting a 48% success rate per attempt with a 10% chance of it getting the +2 Crit. There is no way one should fail 15-20 stones in a row multiple times on an ancient piece using ancient stones. This happened about 2-3 times. But then I started thinking about how when you roll for items that most of the times my rolls are ALWAYS around the same number. If I rolled a 33 I'd get a 36 or 31 or 37 for my next 2 or 3 rolls. So I realized that for +10 enchants I was just letting it do the auto enchant and started thinking that what if the results were internally were similar that I was in a failure zone below the 48% success rate and it's just hovering around in that zone over and over. I stopped and started doing the manual enchants 1 by 1 and my success and fail rates were drastically different. I'd enchant to +11, stop, move a forward a bit then single enchant again, and again. Far more success than fails that it took maybe 7 or 9 stones to get to +13. Same thing with the necklace, even for the legendary pieces. That could be why my 0 fail success rate and the multiple crits when I was doing my first T2 Ultimate PVP Wings was the way it was, I did the auto enchant feature and was just lucky to hover around the success zone and around the crit chance area. TLDR; Don't use auto-enchant feature at +10 , do them individually and space it out and move about. Going from 1-10 using auto enchant may be fine if you get in a good success rate rhythm and can be even more beneficial, but if you start getting tons of failures in a row like going from +3 down to 0 and you have multiple failures going just to +1 or 2, you should stop and wait a bit and do single combine because you're probably not in that success rate zone of the RNG at that point, you need to reset. There is definitely a difference between enchanting now than it was in 6.7. This feels much more like 6.2 tbh.
  11. The Abyss

    And yet, that's what happened. Also, why can't it crash down? From perspective of Asmodae the Eternity tower is center and the abyss is up, from perspective of Elysea the Eternity Tower is center and the abyss is up...But don't take my word for it... I'll post the lore info for 6.0 at the bottom and you can read for yourself. Here is the link you can read the stuff for yourself: https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Ereshkigal And some extra Ereshkigal lore from in game docs too : https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/The_Story_of_Ereshkigal_-_The_Chosen_Drakan Scarring of Atreia (6.0) Edit By the time of Aion 6.0 the continued interference of the Daevas had become a serious headache for Ereshkigal. The Elyos and Asmodians had wrestled back control over the Abyss, her supply of troops was no longer infinite following the destruction of the Mirash Sanctum, and with the deaths of Nergal, Kirshka and Orissan she had lost three of her most trusted officers. Ereshkigal realizes that she needs more power, and thus sets her cold eyes on the Tower of Eternity. In an effort to gain access to the Tower and put an end to the Daevic menace once and for all, she depletes a substantial amount of her powers to destabilize and fracture the Abyss, sending its numerous islands crashing into Elysea and Asmodae. Many of the Atreian lands and lives perish in the third catastrophe to occur since the Cataclysm and the Upheaval, but before the destruction is complete the Archdaeva player appears and, just like their past self, sacrifices him/herself to prevent complete destruction. Thanks to the (old) player's sacrifise the lands of Poeta/Ishalgen, Heiron/Beluslan as well as both capitals manage to survive the disaster, as do the Balaurean lands of Inggison/Gelkmaros and Cygnea/Enshar. Seeing that her plan has failed and that the Divine Fortress is now completely open to attack following the destruction of the Lower and Upper Layers, Ereshkigal flees to the land of Lakrum. In Lakrum both factions find that Ereshkigal's forces have seized control and consolidated themselves around the fortress at the edge of the region. Through initial advances it is learned that apparently an object with great powers resides within the fortress, but that Ereshkigal has been unsuccessful in seizing it so far. Thus begins a deadly race to reclaim the land and advance on the 3rd Dragon Lord before she can succeed. With the help of an Elyos/Asmodian scholar named Atis/Rith the Daevas are able to steadily reclaim the land, and ultimately uncover the presence of the Primeth's Forge. In the structure they find Ereshkigal's troops working on some sort of gauntlet under the command of <Frigida>, commander of the Dredgion fleets that attacked the Daevic capitals and one of Ereshkigal's last remaining officers. After an intense battle the Daevas see her slain, but unbeknownst to everyone another presence makes off with the gauntlet amidst the chaos.
  12. The Abyss

    Also, from a lore perspective, I thought Ereshkigal destroyed the mid and lower abyss completely to the point that the islands came crashing down all around Atreia, heavily damaged the God's Tower in the center, and the fractured pieces destroyed all the lower lev 10-30 zones like Elton/Theobombos save for Poeta and Heiron for Elyos and the Asmo equivalents.
  13. The Abyss

    From a design and story perspective, only the Reshanta Core (Divine Fort area) is accessible. But from a technical perspective, the WHOLE abyss is still there but just inaccessible by conventional means and is out of bounds. A buddy of mine made it out of the core somehow during divine seige it bugged on him and was able to fly around to the old balaur forts, shard war areas, and to the elyos base all the way at the lower abyss but it was unpopulated. This is also why the Divine fort is still laggy as hell. You're essentially loading up and rendering the whole abyss still but you just can't see it past the core's walls but it's still getting rendered as the old part of the game didn't have the features to only load and render what was in your immediate draw distance and not load anything that sat behind full wall borders to save on resources. I know this because when he was flying away from the core you could see the islands, forts on the upper and mid, the shards, and when he looked down in the distance the Asmo and Elyos bases were showing up too.
  14. Bastion of Soul bugged?

    I can confirm this. You HAVE to save all the prisoners first before collecting the 4th bomb or the instance will bug and the 1st floor key mob won't spawn.. unless he spawn somewhere else.
  15. Curse Cloud requires 3 casts from cleric single target dispel to take off. I think Ripple dispel and Grp Dispel (not sure about Grp dispel actually) can take it off in 1 cast but they are considered higher tier dispels with one having a 2min reuse without daevian skill to lower CD and the other is an instant reuse with the same daevian skill. It's designed to be hard to remove because it is a 4K DP skill with like a 15min reuse. There is a DoT component and a bonus dmg component of up to 6% of the target's HP OR 1000 dmg if the target uses a magic based skill (melee classes popping buffs count as magic based). Honestly, the secondary dmg component needs to be updated to account for the nearly 5x increase in HP as originally we only had about 10-20K HP prior to 5.8 I believe. It's a dmg over time so you can find ways to drain HP from something or get a dispel over the course of the 30s. Other classes do more dmg with their DP over 30s than this one skill so it's actually under-powered. Rangers and Sins have their Mau and demon forms, AT with their Transcend Limits, Temps with their invulnerability (though Curse Cloud is a dot so maybe only the first hit is blocked but the rest tics for full), etc. Curse of Weakness is only a stigma so I can understand why only 1 pot is needed to remove.