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  1. We have the 2.7 client and slightly increased drop rate vs old classic but I believe the updates from 1.9 and 2.1 had specific hunting and item drop rate increases. We def have elements of 1.9 update because that was the update that introduced Armsfusion, +15 gear enchantment, and Remove Shock. I think 1.9 also gave the judge series of gear. It certainly seems like drop rates for gear especially from world bosses is increased more often than not, but Balic mats specifically seem to be the only items lacking in a decent drop rate and it may be because that gear is prob the best in game atm so
  2. If you played it when it was fresh and even in Beta, then why is the $15 a month sub a slap in the face? When the game was fresh and originally launched like 10yrs ago you had to pay $50+ to purchase the game AND still had to pay $15 a month sub. Right now they are only requiring the $15 a month sub unless you want the Daeva pass but after the first month it is less lucrative for new players without the Coin rewards. I always wonder about people that want the F2P model, how do you expect NCSoft to actually pay for the servers/datacenter costs and employees that maintain it? By having the
  3. North America has 6 time zones. On the main land East Coast, Central (1hr behind East Coast), Mountain (2hrs behind East Coast), and West Coast (3hrs behind East Coast). Then there is Alaskan (4hrs behind East Coast) and Hawaiian (about 6hrs behind East Coast).
  4. If I recall properly, sieges are primarily tied to server time which isn't affected by Daylight Savings time. If that is indeed the case, then the reason it's 9pm & 11pm EST right now is because later in the year (Nov. 7) Daylight savings time will roll back an hour and it will then be 8pm & 10pm on EST. For Pacific Time zone that will be 5pm & 7pm. The 7pm raid may not be an issue but the 5pm raid will be because most folks work 9-5. So for now the last siege is a bit too late for EST but later in the year the first siege will be a bit too early for PDT.
  5. So using the 24h clock notation as used in Europe, would you have been able to make a good guess what they meant by 20-22pm?
  6. My guess is 20-22pm is abbreviated military time for 8pm-10pm. For military times after 12 pm noon just subtract 12 from the number and you'll get the PM time.
  7. Might as well make a Chanter for your F2P toon so at least you can buff your SM and it's pet
  8. Honestly, it wasn't even FEAR that made SMs so strong in this version of the game. You could beat just about all classes 1v1 outside of cleric and chanter (because of dispel and self dispel) without using a single FEAR for the most part at lev 47-50.
  9. Okay thanks! Curse of Fire is for sure base skill for Elyos, it's possible Curse of Water was Asmo side drop but could be acquired via rifting, i just can't fully remember. Either way, thanks for the info fellas.
  10. I don't even know why this is even a discussion... There WILL BE A LOT OF BOTs. Retail at launch a decade ago had quite a few bots and we actually had to pay $50 for the game ($99 for Collectors Edition) as well as $15 monthly subscription after the first month. This version of the game doesn't require ANY fee to create an account and play, just to get the full benefits of exp, item, and kinah acquisition. You WILL have to contend with bots as well as players to farm reagents and level up your crafting from the open world nodes with maybe exception to the Abyss. Our only option is to repo
  11. Anyone remember how the Curse of Water insta-fear animation skill was acquired back in classic? Was it from a special magazine subscription? I know it was def available in the early patches long before 2.0. Were there any others for other classes, the ones I kinda sort of remember i'll put below. I know some other skill animations like Fear: Ginseng and maybe Fear: Porgus (think this was in KR only never available in NA) were available as a either a rare drop in or you had to get to the higher floors out of 10 in Empyrean Crucible (lev 50+ group version of Crucible Spire introduc
  12. That's actually NOT how a stimulus check works though. The point of a stimulus check is to get needed money in the hands of the vast majority of the working class as they will be most likely to immediately spend it (or spend it within a year) buying goods and services instead of putting it in savings, thus "stimulating" your economy. The ones living check to check in the working class will spend it on immediate needs such goods, services, bills while those in the working class that don't need it as much will put it toward wants like a down payment, an upgrade, a hobby, or also an immediate ne
  13. The sweet spot for Online games it seems if ping varies too great from really low to really high for the average player, is around 50ms-80ms. Most netcode operate off those specs, or at least from what I read for FPS like CoD. MMOs it's not as cruical if they have global CDs between skills but Aion is a game that doesn't really have a global CD at all. In my case, when the servers were in Dallas where I live, I was getting 9-12ms pings but had issues with those that had 50+ ping and higher because on my client they would be within 25m for me to cast a skill on but I wasn't able to cast a skill
  14. Doesn't change the fact that if they bounce ANY server, they should bounce the other as well. People on KT know prior to this AWS server move that they could expect a reset by Sunday/Monday so we'd get our instances done prior to. Since there is a limit on how many times one can do an instance, and a server bounce resets that, the side that gets reset still stands to benefit more. Unless our server is down for a couple days and we can't play then i'd see not resetting the opposite server.
  15. I went from 9-12ms pings with the occasional 6ms to about 37-44ms. I live in Dallas where the servers use to be housed and on 1Gb upload/download fiber connection. Honestly, I'm okay with the higher ping and looking forward to see if my issues I had before with having too low a ping will still crop up. Issues I had before were that players were in range of me but I wasn't able to cast skills on them until like 1-2s later or until their client updated the servers on their position to me, it sucked. Fear would make people ghost around/rubberband like crazy and fly straight forward even off
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