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  1. @Ereliya-KT what you say dont make any sense and you did not understand what me or others was saying you talk to someone combine over 40 or 50 legendary transform and talk about promotion its something was not expected by anyone even ppl that rewarded most of them just buy contracts from BCM and spent too much then complain here and they got ultimate transform things you talk about it everyone doing it but do you think it gonna give what you need if you participate for something alot should get some advantige that exist on all games even if we talk about game lik
  2. @Ereliya-KT well i been doing luna in 12 toon daily abyssal as well but most my combine are same transforms the only thing i dont read the future to know they will do combine promotion (the 12 combine one) other than this been doing all stuff daily even that dream world event i try my luck almost 200 time all was garbage what nyerk me off more one of my friend just back to game with his first 11 coin he used he got dam ereshkigal is this really fair? someone play game for 30 sec got it and someone been playing since day transform system added get only shit there should be some
  3. i got 500 actually but rewards totally not worth it
  4. well im not playing much cuz of this too and about that 500 transformation contract since it can be obtain by hardcore free to play farming that ofc gonna bother NC soft
  5. @Kibbelz since so many ppl got the free transformation box thinking it was free it will disappointed to remove it now and in same time its not fair for ppl who did not pick the box so best solution is sent free survey to whoever did not receive the box but doing that will kill the new event since top drop is that transform box so you add additional key on store for every account so ppl can farm 1 box and open the other one for free and trust me from my exp on game i tell you 1 legendary transform wont damage the game balance
  6. @Kibbelz first thanks for update prestige store which was totally useless i would like if you update platinum cubic bundle to contain all new instances bosses like IDD hm bosses or AOA since bundle contain only PF hm and old instances like SL or BE which no one gonna bother getting it i wish to see this fixed in tomorrow maintenance
  7. same as what happen in last harmony season someone use reset scroll (that should't be exist in game) and pass all ppl so we get lower tier rewards which not fair for someone waste 1 month doing this btw you send send rewards for ppl last season why dont give ppl rewards now? also when season ends you should reset all arenas cd not give other ppl advantige and from harmony pugs to glory pugs https://imgur.com/a/QT17hvT as you see in this pic i have 600 gp not counted in competition ranking when i send ticket about this they says we will investigate this issue i
  8. its so stupid guys event is 28 day even if you have prestige its 1 run so 28 run whole event time and if we said you got S rank in all of your runs and you did not miss any day and if we said avg S rank runs 25 coins so its 700 coin you wont even be able to get random legendary box you need to fix that for real you give ppl hope with event drop then you break that hope to get the selecting legendary transformation box we need atleast if coins drop fine and all runs was fine 8k ncoin + so pretty much in normal runs of A rank (that most ppl get you need around 16k ncoin an
  9. with 6.2 patch alot of players back to the game hope game improvment but i see some issues that really gonna make ppl leave the game if did not get fixed soon first thing shards : we all knows how this item really importent in this patch it increase dps almost 25% and you put it in kinah for with like 2k weely i was like reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? do you guys even play the game and knows how its work? if i just mention 1 pve instance i do IDD x2 daily with my friends and each run cost avg of 15k shards so 30k shards so i need 210k shards weekly just for IDD instance
  10. @Cyan or @Hime is there any new server incoming with the new patch!! yes//no// not sure pls give us clear answer cuz all my friends been asking same question and dont ignore us like you do always
  11. @Cyan @Hime pls look at ppl post and listen to our opinion cuz all this miss happen cuz of you at first place you make ppl farm like bots for whole week without explain anything and you put eye back and you know loot system broken you need respect players more or you gonna kick the view ppl left on this game like this
  12. @Hime @Cyan i understand prices change guys but im not gonna bother do this afk event anymore so atleast make evryone get something usefull with survey pls cuz last one was giving 100 coin which cant pay anything usefull with current prices atleast give evryone another 200 coin or something like that so ppl that got mad from event like me (and they are the most ) will have something usefull and hope someone of you care about this post
  13. first and before anything NC made biggest mistake by put eye back when they knew loot is puged and now you have one of two things first delete coins from players and turn event back to be group loot and evryone gonna enjoy it without hurt game economic cuz 6 ppl *3 bundles =18 coin per fatty and there are not alot of them its not like 192 =3 wich is 576 and ppl get it by afk this event offer evrything you need so if evryone got mats/omega/tempering /manastone they wont even need felicitos socket i really know ppl have almost 6k coin in 1 alt just by afk? so i mage if they have
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