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  1. competition ranking pug

    same as what happen in last harmony season someone use reset scroll (that should't be exist in game) and pass all ppl so we get lower tier rewards which not fair for someone waste 1 month doing this btw you send send rewards for ppl last season why dont give ppl rewards now? also when season ends you should reset all arenas cd not give other ppl advantige and from harmony pugs to glory pugs https://imgur.com/a/QT17hvT as you see in this pic i have 600 gp not counted in competition ranking when i send ticket about this they says we will investigate this issue i told them you dont need to do anything i tell you whats going on competition ranking system works to count only GP when you are online so gp from quest or gaurds imposible to get pug since no way to turn on quest or kill mobs while you offline but gp from siege reward other story since if you get credit its fine if you go offline and gonna get your gp anyway so thats what happen with me 2 sieges i got my 300 gp while i was off and what happen i lose rank 1 reward and it wents to wrong person anyway i wait 10 days after first ticket and sent new one they says As for your inquiry, we don't have any information yet regarding this matter. As previously stated,the said issue is currently under investigation. I suggest to keep an eye on our official website and forum for the latest updates, news and announcements. like WTH going on you talk to 10 years kid? we all knows whats going on i should wait 10 years for my rewards? look guys the time i wasted type tickets more than time wasted farm gp so i want full rewards and we can accept the rank 2 rewards as apologize for your delay i hope someone care about this post from NC team
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    its so stupid guys event is 28 day even if you have prestige its 1 run so 28 run whole event time and if we said you got S rank in all of your runs and you did not miss any day and if we said avg S rank runs 25 coins so its 700 coin you wont even be able to get random legendary box you need to fix that for real you give ppl hope with event drop then you break that hope to get the selecting legendary transformation box we need atleast if coins drop fine and all runs was fine 8k ncoin + so pretty much in normal runs of A rank (that most ppl get you need around 16k ncoin and that so stupid for just 1 drop) idm make this event P2W i know you live at our money but make those p2w go for ultimate transformation and normal players get their legendary i just hope there's ears hear all this
  3. game content improve

    exactly bro
  4. game content improve

    with 6.2 patch alot of players back to the game hope game improvment but i see some issues that really gonna make ppl leave the game if did not get fixed soon first thing shards : we all knows how this item really importent in this patch it increase dps almost 25% and you put it in kinah for with like 2k weely i was like reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? do you guys even play the game and knows how its work? if i just mention 1 pve instance i do IDD x2 daily with my friends and each run cost avg of 15k shards so 30k shards so i need 210k shards weekly just for IDD instance not including PF/pvp instances /open worlds pvp if i active shards for evry single thing im doing i may use half mil shard weekly and you put it with 2k limit? it cant even be joke i hope you understand what going on and fix that on wednesday maintnance cuz we are not bots to farm that much shards 2nd thing enchanting system is broken in game we only get ancient enchantment and rarely legendary and that does not even work with ancient gear i dont ask you to make enchant easy and make evryone super geard in one day but you should put balance ancient gear should be super easy to enchant and legendary normal and ofc ultimate gear which is end game gear should stay hard to enchant so all new players have chance to back up some ppl enter this patch with like500 tempering how normal player even if was p2w can catch that? and the last thing is about unbalance in classes: some classes have no chance vs some classes like SM fear cant be resisted seriosly i play sin i pop my resist skill and he fear me almost instantly and 1 fear= death if he is OP sm and classes like cleric and chant that cant be die by 1 person with same gear im not gonna talk too much just watch arena of deciplane ranking when fixed and will see rank 1 sm or cleric or chant i dont think you will see some classes like sin even in first 30 and in pve magic classes dmg is really insane i have sorc with half ancient/half legendary +0 no manastone almost close from my sin dps that have almost full pve ultimate with full crit not mension that sin was from highest dps NA 3 weeks ago i wish you provide logical fix at list to some of those issues @Cyan i hope i see answer on this show you guys care about comunity openion and sry for make this too long
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 10, 2018

    @Cyan or @Hime is there any new server incoming with the new patch!! yes//no// not sure pls give us clear answer cuz all my friends been asking same question and dont ignore us like you do always
  6. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    @Cyan @Hime pls look at ppl post and listen to our opinion cuz all this miss happen cuz of you at first place you make ppl farm like bots for whole week without explain anything and you put eye back and you know loot system broken you need respect players more or you gonna kick the view ppl left on this game like this
  7. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    @Hime @Cyan i understand prices change guys but im not gonna bother do this afk event anymore so atleast make evryone get something usefull with survey pls cuz last one was giving 100 coin which cant pay anything usefull with current prices atleast give evryone another 200 coin or something like that so ppl that got mad from event like me (and they are the most ) will have something usefull and hope someone of you care about this post
  8. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    first and before anything NC made biggest mistake by put eye back when they knew loot is puged and now you have one of two things first delete coins from players and turn event back to be group loot and evryone gonna enjoy it without hurt game economic cuz 6 ppl *3 bundles =18 coin per fatty and there are not alot of them its not like 192 =3 wich is 576 and ppl get it by afk this event offer evrything you need so if evryone got mats/omega/tempering /manastone they wont even need felicitos socket i really know ppl have almost 6k coin in 1 alt just by afk? so i mage if they have 2 PC? it gonna be like 24k look for me whatever you do you gonna fall on problems with players and no one gonna feel good about it so all you need is brave thing you can for example exhange coins for AP ech coin for like 10k AP and once you fix it put loot normal if you cant just stop event untill you fix it cuz its really bad make ppl farm like bots and and all GM ignore them and not explain anything so pls anyone of GMs have to say something about this and stop ignore us you already killed game with this all ppl in eye we can even form groups hope i see reply from GM soon
  9. Updated: Return to Tiamaranta's Eye Event Reward List

    CYAN we need info about loot mode
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 14, 2018

    cyan i need to know something about tiamaranta eye event pls about sunyaka soulstone box gonna be roll or each member in alli can get it and if was like that how many ppl allowed to get loot
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    wtf is <Executioner Caeus Curious Equipment Box> i could say 90% level 80 AP gear so wtf is this the new gear just came out and no one NA finished full gear yet and put that shit on luna? we farm dam evergale and boring dred and anoyying FM and someone does not do anything just pay some NC out gear all this farm no wonder why evryone left aion
  12. omega nerf

    idk why you guys nerfed omega drop rate in instances it was main reason for many ppl including me to do pve instances and now from like 10 days ago drop rate become to low and im sure 100% from what i say things like that kill meaning of pve you already give away harvester gear even to starter players and soulstone in BOS first boss like really??? evryone got max gear already unless he new and dont know even game system and thats one of main things that make ppl quit cuz really there nothing to do so i hope atleast in this double drop rate event turn drop rate to usual cuz 2*0= 0 even if you make drop rate x10 hope someone even care about this and ty
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 7, 2018

    im really wonder if upgraded harvester acc gonna fixed to give pve states when get tempered or just grey wolf acc that gonna give pve states cuz as we see upgraded BOS have alot better states and grey wolf can be better only when tempered so dont wanna waste my tempering on grey wolf then you say ohhh guys you got trolled roll back for upgraded harvester it will give pve states now hope i get answer for this cyan and ty