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  1. Auto switch weapons

    yeah that would be awesome,it should be implemented, especially on gunners, because i sometimes double press the shift+z during pvp out of intensity and still remain on pistol instead of cannon.
  2. ahhh now i know why we have a lot of bugs and problems in this game. "less Priority" um k!
  3. Don't be confused darling..... here is the reason why
  4. Should Aion open Classic server too?

    there is a private server that is really populated that i play with and its in 2.1 currently, the population is just like our retail server, and i would say it has a lot of fun. No toxic transformation, No massive gear gap
  5. Birthday

    NCWEST: Happy birthday StaNooblaitK here's your gift from our hearts!
  6. Open world PVP worth coming back for?

    yeah the open world pvp has a lot of fun if you have weeklies but after that, I don't know see for your self
  7. yep! this a casual game now... no more hardcore stuff, you could even play this 2-3 times a week, uhhmm about the server population i think the most populated is the DN(factions are kinda balance a little bit) and also KT, don't go to EK it is pretty dead. Welcome with hugs
  8. maybe they are doing a better job now because of their bad reputation in the past.......................... now it's NCWEST turn, it's the start of their bad reputation era.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    OK???.............................................. nothing new
  10. yeah it really feels so unnecessary to buy a transparent scrolls than what really matters(because it may disappear in an instant when you get killed and of course you will die a lot when you are out in the field), but it is really a pain in the eye to watch and play as an animal/beast.
  11. In a recent post/reply of Cyan about the transparent scroll system, he said that they don't have plans of changing the transparent scroll, so it means all are crying in this forum for months is just nothing, they didn't listen at all Lels!.... So NCWEST if that is your plan then could you at least change some animal transformation into a human form, like the newly added transformation Guardian of Light, because i'm sick of being a shiittty krall. Well just a "SUGGESTION" because its seems pretty worthless hoping about the change we want!.(and i know this will be just ignore )
  12. ouch! this hurts a lot!....
  13. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    not even in 7.0.... in KR they just add speed potion that doesn't change your appearance but that's just all only movement speed no attack speed just "movement". It's only on NCWEST hands that we're hoping to get something much better (but it is literally hopeless)
  14. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    still nothing about transparent scroll T_T hue hue hue......