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  1. i would rather get compensated with Ancient Transformation Selection Box or Legendary Transformation Selection Box oh! w8 legendary is much better huehuehue!.... just a dreams right?
  2. Chin up guys! I would like share a popular inspirational Quotes from a renowned philosopher with you that will help you overcome this crisis! This is feedback we've shared with the development team. There's currently no plan to change it but that doesn't mean it won't happen.
  3. ughhhhh!!!..... this music is too refreshing, every time i listen to this, it makes me feel like i want to go to heaven right away i really love this game because of its beautiful music and the combat BGM, but now it's just plain as SH!T.....
  4. Posting here is like praying to a GOD. You need to pray harder to God "Gideon" and to his "Angel DEVS"
  5. yeah that would be awesome,it should be implemented, especially on gunners, because i sometimes double press the shift+z during pvp out of intensity and still remain on pistol instead of cannon.
  6. ahhh now i know why we have a lot of bugs and problems in this game. "less Priority" um k!
  7. there is a private server that is really populated that i play with and its in 2.1 currently, the population is just like our retail server, and i would say it has a lot of fun. No toxic transformation, No massive gear gap
  8. NCWEST: Happy birthday StaNooblaitK here's your gift from our hearts!
  9. yeah the open world pvp has a lot of fun if you have weeklies but after that, I don't know see for your self
  10. yep! this a casual game now... no more hardcore stuff, you could even play this 2-3 times a week, uhhmm about the server population i think the most populated is the DN(factions are kinda balance a little bit) and also KT, don't go to EK it is pretty dead. Welcome with hugs
  11. maybe they are doing a better job now because of their bad reputation in the past.......................... now it's NCWEST turn, it's the start of their bad reputation era.
  12. OK???.............................................. nothing new
  13. yeah it really feels so unnecessary to buy a transparent scrolls than what really matters(because it may disappear in an instant when you get killed and of course you will die a lot when you are out in the field), but it is really a pain in the eye to watch and play as an animal/beast.
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