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  1. There will be a a huge difference between people with legendary xform and people will ultimate xform. That being said, most of the people that played this game non-stop for over a year still don't have a ultimate xform, and the ones that got it 90 of them just got really lucky. This is really unbalanced, we definitely need more chances to get ultimate xform.
  2. I'll try to be as impartial as I can. 1.Transforms: we need more events to help people farm legendary and risk for ultimate, even if they are pay to win like snowballs or shugo. The rate to get red is just too low. Also the nerfed stats are uncalled for, there is a reason Korea had those stats, there might be a huge difference between red and legendary but with more chances to get legendary, ultimate is not far away. After 1 year of the game already being in this new phase the amount of people running around with ultimate xform is just too low. 2. Minions are fine for now, the update
  3. My question is why didn't we get the stigma event from Korea? There you can buy a +9 stigma with 15 enchant stones and the rates were improved by 10% from+9 onward. This event does stink a bit of desperation the sort of get the money and run stuff.
  4. No matter what NC will do they can't satisfy everyone Luna...Stones... who cares? I rather we get nothing, the reward for siege is stones, ap and GP for Xform. Rather we get luna as part of events or incentive for something else. Siege already has enough incentive. The only mistake they made is changing it one week before season end, should have been next week.
  5. Does that mean fruits will be deleted after maintenance? How about salads and hirinerk gifts?
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