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  1. Yes, I do agree that gunner's DPS in PVE instance is quick low in the current patch, but the PVP aspect has been buffed over the past few patch. With that said if you just want to play gunner as PVE hero then gunner is not the class for you.
  2. Don’t know if this reply is too late already, but here are some of my thoughts. What manastones are you guys using? Magic attack for PVP and Magic grit for PVE What stigmas do you usually use (PVP/PVE)? PVP: Dazzling Fire, Juggernaut, Pressurized Chamber, Missile Guide, Shock and Awe, Frozen Blitz, Nature Favor, Power Grab PVE: Autoload, Juggernaut, Pressurized Chamber, Blazing Bombardment, Fiery Blast, Steady Fire, Missile Guide, Shock and Awe What Daevanion skills are relevant in this patch? Rapid Reload, Precise Shot, Conductive Cannon, Fire Forge PVP
  3. so glad we finish the idd run before it shutdown
  4. sigh.... literally got mad cuz this stupid issue
  5. Here is what the support told me "With all these said, you need to wait for your housing to be forfeited during the server merge as you will not be able to transfer because you will be unable to auction your house."
  6. I have been talking to the support about this, and their reply is you can only wait until the merge since they can not do anything to your exist house. This is like a punishment for people who spend money to buy a non studio housing
  7. I am trying to get my character from EK to DN, so I am wondering if Ek is included this time. Since GP is gonna reset anyway
  8. I believe that there is a bug now, I have sent a ticket and the GM said they are investigating it. Also does anyone know if we can transfer out of EK to DN or KT?
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