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  1. Shugo shop

    Yo guys, are you going to fix shugo shop or we should use all of our stuff until we don't have anything and create another character? This is unacceptable is almost 24 hrs of this bug, in something that is REALLY IMPORTANT and you don't fix it wth? And we can't even craft anything or buy it in the BCM bc my shop is also bug and don't show my ncoins, I send a ticket Thursday and still don't have an answer. You guys are a joke, fix this. Thx
  2. Katalam Server Crash

    I was on a middle of a PF when this happens. CD do not reset so I lost my entry, gg tysm ncsoon
  3. I'm having same problem here. Yesterday try PF with my bf and friends, we are full Legendary and some have Ultimate parts (I have 2) AND WE COULDN'T FINISH IT. At 4m we only dropped boss' life at half, when we usually do that at 2:30 m or so. Idk if it boss got buff or we were so nerfed, I think it was the first one because I even have problems in FM helping other friends to finish their set (not with the toon I'm log in forum) And I don't like the fact we maybe need to do Pandora's quests to do instances if we were not be able to finish our ultimate gear in last patch. They f up whit that, is stupid that we need ulti gear to go to a instance that drops ulti gear.
  4. Aion Newsletter Bonus Pack

    A dress and some other sh*ts. Don't come back, the dmn last patch (6.7) kill Aion for new players, also for not new ones but the one who were not be able to get full ultimate +15 (best gear in game). They buffed all the important stuff and nerfed that majority of classes. So don't waste your time, you're happier without playing this game, even gm's and devs don't listen to us.
  5. IDD was buffed A LOOOOOOT

    Guys, PF was buff too right? Because I always do PF with my main (not this account but this one that was logged in here lol) with someone who we can carry and now I can't finish it! At 2:30 m or so we were always at half blood boss but now we only can dropped like 1/4 at that time. And she had a new skill? Frost Nova? I never see that thing and hits so dmn hard. I don't understand because this guys buffed all the bosses but nerfed our skills, wth??? I don't get it. Someone had same experience? Almost forgot, she used ice sooooo many times, even without spawn adds after. I'm full legendary +5 or more and 2 ultimate +6 Sorry for errors, English is not my language.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 6, 2019

    BOOOOORING week yet again. You guys are start losing so many players, (even more) Ffs do something with transparent scrolls, IS NOT THAT HARD TO SEE WHAT PPL WANTS, WE keeps YOUR game alive, listen to us dmnit.
  7. Question about armsfusion

    Is this good to magic dps too? Like sw, sm or sorc?
  8. Regarding Server Transfers

    Still waiting for this to happen.
  9. Bots is a serious thing.

    Hi, normally the bots have not bothered me but this is already getting out of hand. First off all one of the objectives of the game is currently farm, and it is enough to just leave the base of your faction and you see that is full of bots farming materials. Ok, is annoying but at least you could steal the mobs if you had more dps, the problem now is that there are bots stopped 24/7 in the broker buying important stuff automatically that is at a reduced price (for example Legendary Kibriums, Masterwork's armors and weapons), because as now ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING is untradeable, we can not pass materials between our own characters, and you need to use the broker is you want to do it, not even kinah you can trade in your OWN account, which I still think is stupid. But now that the game is going to be handled like that, at least DO SOMETHING with the bots. I can't even be able to report them, because I have tried it and it says "You can not send auto hunting reports right now". It is completely unfair for those who try to get materials or equipment fairly, you know. DO SOMETHING WITH THE BOTS. Or give the chance to trade the materials between characters en the same account, idk, do something because this is so annoying. @Cyan @Hime anybody, this is not the first topic talking about bots.