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  1. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    This is exactly the problem with the game right now, TOO MUCH RNG. P2W players can't continue because it's a rabbit hole for money and F2W players can't catch up because the chance is simply too low to get nice stuff. The progression model has become from 1%, 2%...75%...100% to 1~100 in one try with 1% probability. IMO S rank minion is not that hard to obtain since the success rate is relatively high comparing to the ultimate xform and enchantment success rate plus there are tokens for restoration. Can't agree more with the other two examples where end game content(aka new stuff since 6.0) is purely unfavorable to those who are unlucky: 4. One of the best things we can get from weekly lugbug is <Legendary Memory Shard> which can combine into a legendary transformation contract along likely every two months. After grinding weekly lugbugs hard for 2 months straight and finally got the contract, opened it, and obtain a transformation which we already have. Then we pray for a combine and wanting to get a new one(either new legendary or ultimate) but an existing one is always the result (The RNG to get new ones is too low). Two months of weekly lugbug for nothing
  2. is this a joke?????

    Luna is fine. I finished my ulti t2 full set and still have 10 ulti's and 30 legendary's left... stones are a waste for me I would rather get free luna so i can reset my pve instance
  3. Valiant and Top Tier

    cuz U cant do much.
  4. 8 Sieges and bug continue.

    As a software developer myself I feel ashamed too.

    Right now idk after the maintenance will we still not get any ap...Questionable management..
  6. Where is the compensated ap, gp and seige reward? What a fcking joke lmao. You guys are killing Aion @Cyan
  7. NO GP FOR FORT!!!!

    Please fix this. I need Ultimate radiums to make enchantment stones! I need my GP! I want to be general!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Cyan
  8. KT not giving AP

    I got absolutely nothing from the seige today. Please FIX this! This is a ridiculous mistake OMG
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    You apparently didn't fix the enchantment rate issue. I'm experiencing 10 consecutive failures many times when enchanting my ancient gear, 35 stones cant +15. 3 Ultimate stones can't even move my legendary gear from +13 to +14. What a joke. Nice maintenance for doing nothing and introducing more bugs in. Good job.