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  1. This post summarizes the situation pretty well. And most of it is their wrong doing by removing content we should have had already.
  2. You either have free to play or subscription, not both, and on top of that you put p2w on a subscription game!
  3. So you are mad you are losing the mansion and you want everyone to get a reset so you can come get one and then log once a month to pay for it and keep it while you do not play?
  4. I know but that requires 5 weeks to get one glyph by doing the lugbug weeklies. Now in one week I can do all my chars and it is far easier/faster to make kumuki than doing lugbug weekly.
  5. Doesn't it turn you into a wyvern and you are unable to use skills while transformed?
  6. That was cringy! I almost feel ashamed watching this video.
  7. I assume animation tweaking. I saw that in another person as well. Someone said it was crafting a low recipe but that is untrue. Nobody crafts 3 recipes per second.
  8. Whoever is 1-star and above gets no AP, whoever is rank 1 and lower gets everything.
  9. Use it in offhand better, you get the additional stats, godstone and you use the main weapon for the p.attack
  10. ...Maxine Waters, we need Maxine Waters to take a stance on the issue!
  11. They won't even understand why this is beneficial to them at all, I mean they run the whole company, don't they have the ability to understand basic things like this?
  12. I doubt we will get the original Aion. I know one thing for sure is that the NCWest is probably the most stubborn publisher in the aion community. Imagine they could have simply taken aion and publish it here, they literally took the time to nerf many things before they published, they probably brag about their achievement.
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