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  1. KT not giving AP

    Whoever is 1-star and above gets no AP, whoever is rank 1 and lower gets everything.
  2. Assassin Old Weapon Main-Hand

    Use it in offhand better, you get the additional stats, godstone and you use the main weapon for the p.attack
  3. Patch notes?

    ...Maxine Waters, we need Maxine Waters to take a stance on the issue!
  4. Make all BCM items brokerable.

    They won't even understand why this is beneficial to them at all, I mean they run the whole company, don't they have the ability to understand basic things like this?
  5. Can we get the official Aion?

    I doubt we will get the original Aion. I know one thing for sure is that the NCWest is probably the most stubborn publisher in the aion community. Imagine they could have simply taken aion and publish it here, they literally took the time to nerf many things before they published, they probably brag about their achievement.