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  1. I can't play aion with this, I'm a software engineer and I need my development software on my computer. I don't have any cheat software on my system. I shut off adobe cloud and icloud and every other updater I had on my system and I still get the dam error even did the exceptions for firefall etc. And no luck. So between raping the game of 6 maps with 6.0, me loose 8 houses with server mergers and now this the game is pretty much dead. Everyone in our group is getting the same dam regist xigncode module error. I can't even get into the game to help my guild members so your prob going to loose
  2. I have the new windows 10 1709 update and can also confirm that I'm having the camera control issue with Aion.
  3. will be interesting to see what happens
  4. I agree 100% with you, I was thinking after I made the post that I'd paid $15 a month to be on PVE FTS that let you venture into both realms lol to quest. WIth optional Dualing. which it has now. Other pet peeve is the crafting system. While I love the gear pack at 10 and 55, the current game doesn't let you craft gear better than that so as many have pointed out the gear is good from 10 to 55 to 60+ If you want master weapon smith you have to grind to that level before you can make anything good. Then they nerfed the dust .. so now you have to spend even more time opening things before you ca
  5. aion is loosing players because of a mind set that ncsoft is missing which is why I made the suggestion for a PVE server, where users can enjoy both facts of content. and that server could have a PVP instance like its now. As far as pay to win aion was one of the last games to seemingly go down this path. I'd rather have a pve server where I have the option of dipping into full PVP when I want vs forced ganking. if I'm going to spend a $1000 on this game I'd rather it be P2E (Pay to Enjoy) vs P2P (Pay to Play) I've been playing since beta so over what 10 years now so its not like I'm a new pla
  6. I wasn't knocking all the events, but the events for the last 2 months other than having to create a new account and enjoy playing new and returning content, but its getting bit bad when you have to make 10 accounts to enjoy events. Or stop playing for a month to get in if you don't own a house. I like the snowball event, as I said not knocking all of them. As for bots .. firefall had a good system for bots. You couldn't trade or talf with someone unless you friend them wait 48 hours. Sure that sucks on heat of the moment but killed the gold farmers. As for code red .. done it like 5 times ove
  7. Cheers, so cheesecake even if I haven't posted much in the forums, everyone in community sees your support and help. When is NC soft hiring you to be the community manager? I've been playing Aion since 1st beta.
  8. I noticed when I told one of my houses that I didn't have an apartment do I need to do quest again or how does one get a studio again? thanks for the fast reply's!
  9. so if its a perma registered cabinet 3 slots do we loose that? Some of these things a few 100 million on broker .. or paid via BM .. one of my guild mates just checked his house and said everything was gone. I assumed it was what you said above but he's saying everything gone. Another guild mate just lost her house cause of being away .. with medical stuff. She's re bid on her old house but is very sad if she looses all the rest furniture. I currently don't have a way to test it at the moment.
  10. So the events go on for weeks they not very exciting and repeats and exclude lower level players. You can't buy anything good on the paid market place up unless your level 60 or higher for the most part unless you buy the new player promo stuff which is blah. You spend 2 years as premium account to get a Pegasus mount only for NC soft to take it out of the premium vendors. So all that time to get it and now you can't. You do these amazing events for returning players and new players that give gear that is amazing the only way to enjoy it is start a new account but with having a premium ac
  11. What happens to house items if your house expires? Do they goto in game email, or are they lost or what ever. cause I have a friend in RL been dealing with medical in RL and her house expired but she can't find any of her items. It's like they all are gone. Did she loose everything? or if she buys a new house will she have them back again. Second with the server merges. My houses are full of rare items, I don't have enough space to pick up all my chests cause everything is full. What happens to my items? Thanks
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