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  1. Maybe I'm in the minority... But I miss the old speed improvement scrolls we had. I get that they needed to change the stat scrolls to the newer candies/transformation stuff... but as someone who does mainly PvE and streams it.... there's one thing that I find annoying, seeing my character in the costume/transformed look in the cut scenes. It takes away from the story when in a moment of intense feelings/ serious moment... your a penguin or a polar bear. I only use the candies for the 30% speed boost I get. If I wanted the other stuff, I don't mind changing how I look so other players know what I've added to my stats... but when you just want a speed boost and have to look like a polar bear at minimum it's jarring to see in the cut scenes and everything. Can we have just Speed boosting scrolls again or candies that don't change your looks for cut scenes when all you want is a small speed boost to get to the next area as your just doing PvE? Because let's be real, the base speed of running is mad slow and you need that speed boost to move about at a normal human speed than the snail I feel without the candies.