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  1. Or they could open it for people who purchased founder packs. Otherwise what’s the point
  2. Thanks everyone I’ll have a look into this stuff
  3. I meant more like, what should I be buying to help gear me up and stuff. Game isn't installed yet so i'm still waiting, thought i'd ask here. Kinah isn't an issue, just the basic important necessities required and what should be done first. Like daevanion skills, enchantments, manastones, glyphs or whatever this new stuff is, transformations etc
  4. Title speaks for itself - as a returning player and all these new changes to the game since 6.x can someone put a list of what needs to be done first and what's worth buying off the BCM to get up to "speed" when gearing? Too many new items in the game this patch and no idea where to start
  5. Nah I don’t mean something like tia eye event (the event was fine until cyan did the sneak nerf), I’m talking about making a Classic option on the server select screen. Even if it’s for a limited time. The game is super casual now compared to what it used to be like, the aion we have now is almost mostly single player while classic aion felt like a true mmo. Blah
  6. something that gameforge and korea did for Tera was release the classic version for a limited time, much like an event for a few months. Then that progress got brought over to the live version of the game. although it's out of ncwest's hands to do this on their own (bringing classic back) without the approval of korea, an event of classic would be even just that bit nostalgic for the majority of us. just a thought? sounds kinda lame and poo but it is what it is
  7. Yeah it was just so confusing. Regardless, we just got our GP season rewards 40 minutes ago
  8. You can buy your crafted gear over on your alts to enchant then re sell it to your main
  9. After the consolidation is complete, additional boosts will be added to all servers. More details to come. "additional boosts" he didn't say kt and dn will get the same boosts lol
  10. so after maint everyone will have 0 gp? even though reset is half an hour or something after maint is over? otherwise, we're screwed and our rewards will be changed if it's not resetting until the normal daily reset time, counting only towards the KT ranking board not EK
  11. Sorry? So, nc want to remove resets from the only 2 pvp instances that give gp yet keep the gp gained from pve'ing in siege? for pvp ranks? can you stop going backwards .. ap to gp npc is understandable, but this is straight up annoying when most of us actually want to reset these instances to gain gp on top of the siege gp. the ones crying about resetting id and ib are most likely the ones losing all the time and just suck ? idk
  12. It's been a rocky past for EU for quite some time and they only decided to improve on their version of the game in 5.x and somewhat in 6.x However, gameforge is under a different licence than ncwest, there's still rules and regulations that need to be followed from a business' POV when getting approval from ncsoft for the NA version. Although it is nice to see that gameforge are "listening" to the players but in the end it's all too late. These publishers only listen when it hurts them the most edit: I just wish/hope that ncwest would at least be active again with the community and k
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