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  1. Just curious - might blind godstones have a noticeably higher proc rate compared to silence in pvp because pvp armor has silence resist, and no blind resist? I think both godstones are listed as having the same proc rate % on the godstone description (7%-8% depending on if you use the normal or strengthened version). In my personal experience it has been disproportionate, since overall I find myself blind locked far more often than silence locked - could this be just RNG, or has anyone else experienced something similar?
  2. My dumb ass got giddy thinking unlimited arenas were intended to be part of the new patch q.q. If NC removed GP reward from arenas and made them unlimited again, this fat would be one happy fat.
  3. Hello! I have not been able to successfully log into the game after the unscheduled maintenance. I open Aion, log on, but the client doesn't launch. Does anyone have an idea as to why this might be? I switched from windowed to full-screen before the maintenance - not sure if this is relevant, but it's the only change I made today. Thank you for any input.
  4. Second phase? What would it require for the second phase to be triggered? Oooh I see. I might just wait for an event then instead of farming or trying to buy it.
  5. Did some more research. For anyone interested: - Only applicable endgame shields support chanters can use seem to consist of the Boundless shield, obtained from Sky Island in Norsvold where you have to fight elite mobs with an alliance and roll on the drops so chances of getting it is like getting the Sunayaka hairpin, I'm guessing. And: - Shield of Eternal Glory which is level 80 and not in game yet. I'm told it'll be here with the 5.8 update (in a year, maybe more?). Here's a link: http://aiondatabase.net/en/item/115001971/ - Why these shields? The others don't have pvp defen
  6. Sure! I looked more closely at the Lunar New Shield and it has no magic suppression whatsoever, so that's out. I guess that the Boundless Scale Shield is the only real alternative now. Problem is: I've no idea how to get Boundless gear! Does it drop from a instance?
  7. Ugh. Okay. What do you think about the Boundless Shield or the Lunar New Shield? I'm looking at those two as possible replacements, unless I'm missing anything else lvl 75 that gives pvp defense.
  8. .....so I came back to the game a few days ago after a year hiatus, and discovered that: 1. There's no lvl 75 ap shield for chanters 2. Ap gear only has atk speed mace for chanters 3. No ap casting speed gloves for chanters Are there any decent alternatives? Or is NC intending for support chanters to be a thing of the past?
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