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  1. If one person has to go essencetapping and aethertapping and morphing and crafting all just to get potions... while you can simply buy potions, scrolls, armor and go straight to pvp that is a problematic p2w by most people. Who wins? The guy who spent his whole day trying to craft the basics and ending up still having little to nothing or the guy who is already geared and has enjoyed everything end game and is ready to buy even more when needed? When there is a good manastone and you can't afford it, he already bought that. If you manage to earn 1 million, he already purchased 100 m
  2. What is the point of this? You do not see p2w but 90% of the people saw it, they see it and feel it and even call it extreme p2w (who cares) according to them and most people quit (partially) because of it. I can see you in future alone in Classic arguing with your own self that everything is fine because you still don't see the problem while everyone already left. So? What is even the point of this? If 90% of the player base quit because of p2w does it matter?
  3. When you are trying to persuade us that Aion died because of "xx is the problem" when most players say "zz is the problem" then that is bs. So many people try to prove to us that Aion Classic is good, yet it dies, that is gaslighting with irrelevant things. Nobody asked people if they still enjoy Aion Classic of course there are those who still like it. Most players quit and they have already said why they quit. If you haven't quit already or about to quit, you do not get to say why others quit, they were here and they said the reasons. WHAT? HAHAHA I swear to god many of my friends ca
  4. What @Stormwing and @Arhangelos have written pretty much explains why Aion is dead, the others are gaslighting and providing excuses trying to shitpost the conversation to a different topic every post. If people do not like the game they will quit, and this is what happened to Aion.
  5. You never understand because you do not listen to what PEOPLE want. There are people who love p2w but most people don't. If there was a no p2w server it would have been more alive but there would be p2w people who wouldn't play it because they want a cash shop. But understanding that a non p2w server would have been more alive is a general knowledge even p2w people would know this even those who wouldn't play on it would know that. Many people like brutal offensive pvp, MOST people don't. If they implemented Fast Track Server it would have been full. If there was a pve only Aion many peop
  6. Most of the times the normal sets are ok, it is the special skins that are irrelevant to aion that are too revealing.
  7. 10 potions are the reason I play classic to begin with, gets your facts straight!
  8. Better have lower requirements than people not being able to finish.
  9. I say keep hitting the report button on the bots, but they have to check those reports, if a character gets 50 reports that means they need to check that char.
  10. The third option is obsolete. Have you ever seen them take action in the last 12 years?
  11. Stop subbing for 90 days, you are filling a white check. Do 1 month and if you do not like it unsub.
  12. I am glad we have the Auto Hunt map event. I regard we have no other one, the chest this is an OK adition, you can skip it if you do not like it. I can't wait to see what anniversary events we will get.
  13. This wouldn't be bad, reset their characters back to level 1 as if they were made freshly yesterday.
  14. AP trading is wrong and it is good they take action. If AP trading was "little" then I guess they could get their AP and items stripped and get a 7 day ban.
  15. I only played the 2 free weeks and left. If it was f2p I would probably still log, but I can't justify paying a subscription for this game at the direction it took from 1st day.
  16. I think this has to do with copyrights. They could have made dances irrelevant to actual dance groups. I liked having dances, not the specific dances. Aion has been limiting itself so badly in terms of beauty lately.
  17. I had a friend who came from DN too, he deleted 1 of the DN characters to make one in KT but didn't want to delete the others because they were geared and still helped in a way. He would log into DN server to get luna with the alts because it is for the whole account and do events when there was an account-wide reward like transforms. But he main the KT player. There were plenty of transforms in his account so he wouldn't make a new account. He would be happy with this merge but sadly he quit playing a few months ago.
  18. Are they accusing us for keeping KT alive unlike they did with DN? We did nothing wrong, we didn't choose this merge and if I remember it was ALWAYS DN people asking for a merge because DN was empty. Now they get a transfer and hate KT players as if we made the options for the transfer.
  19. Some times it is about who upgrades first
  20. He is first in harmony though, and yes injustices are bad. But none of this is being solved by p2rank. Templars were gods in 5.8, they enjoyed it. The whole engine supports instant skill users because of the no animation hackers. They should also fix this. We cannot say "if your class doesn't support no animation hack, we will allow you to p2rank as a solution". Paying to go up in ranks is wrong as an idea, it is another problem, not a solution. Fixing bugs and imbalances is another issue.
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