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  1. PvP Instance Schedule

    Yes, I know about Evergale. Thanks, it's really helpful ^^ I'm going to keep an eye out on future updates so I'll know about the changes and won't have to ask this again.
  2. PvP Instance Schedule

    Hi. I'm a returning player. Could someone please write a full schedule of PvP Instances (IB, ID, AD, KB), arenas, sieges and Evergale Canyon? Also, I know sieges may lag on high-end PCs. But, does it harm your computer in any way if you participate? Thanks for your time if you help me.
  3. This program is unavailable in your country

    I play from Hungary and I don't use VPN. All of my Hungarian friends stopped playing a while ago so I can't ask them. I'll run a File Repair, try a different computer and contact support if it doesn't work. Thanks ^^
  4. Hi. I play this game from Europe and I know there are European servers but I've been playing on NA for a long time. After May 8's maintenance the game no longer runs and a window pops up saying "This program is unavailable in your country." Does this mean EU players can't play on NA anymore? Or is it just a simple bug?