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  1. KT server bug again! Gj fixing it! kappa!
  2. My point is, we have 3 tokens to use in a large period of time and in my case i used 2 of 3 just for minions!
  3. I Combine 3 minions A in my vandal and fail. Toke it back using my token, farm 1 more and FAIL AGAIN using 4! In my SM i tryed using 4 minions and fail! After that a send a ticket asking about the rates and like always the give to me a empity answer! U guys having the same trouble?
  4. Well looks like alot people having the same problem i had. I consumed exactly 12 legends and they keep telling i only use 2! I should know this problem will happen and next time i will record doing every event just to dont have an heart attack for every answer in tickets! I dont know whats going on but fix this fast plz! @Kibbelz @Loki
  5. @Kibbelz @Loki Minion Vault still buged for kt-asmos!!!! Such a great job u guys doing!
  6. @Loki @Kibbelz Did they cut your hands?
  7. @Kibbelz I do 12 SAS every day = 300 abyssal fragments/day. And u giving me 10!!!! Where in world its a decent compensation?
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