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  1. Hello everyone, first thing first, this post is going to be directed to the admins of this game, the Aion community is actually burning and I'm sure @Cyan is clearly watching, so we all are asking for ANSWERS. People are done of this game in too many aspects, So we ask you, to let us know what's going on with NCSOFT regarding the game AION. Aion is about to have 10 years old since it was launched, and right now ONLY in NA, we all can see the lack of admins, etc, so the community just wanna know what's happening in there. cuz, to be honest, Seems like NCSOFT NA (only NA) wants the game clo
  2. Wallet Rank it doesn't matter if u are old or new is all about ur wallet. every month
  3. They are killing the game in NA, gold ingots to spend in what??????? P2W RANK, or better say, Wallet Rank, every month LMAO
  4. Dw they won't answer you, but we all know what's going on, WALLET BATTLES inc.
  5. I'll resume this for everyone, this is not a competitive game like "League of Legends" or other games like that, this is an MMO game, NC needs more incomes, so "TAKE THIS IN MIND! ONLY WALLET WARRIOR WILL HAVE HIGH RANKS" it doesn't matter if u are new or old, if u have a BIG wallet you will be Governor/Commander whatever u want, and this is going to happen every month, so yeah is time to say goodbye to Aion. Btw rank it doesn't mean anything at this point; Transformation Guardian General l,ll,lll,lV,V can get feared by an SM, only worth ranks are Commander and Governor for the /command c
  6. Yeah exactly, they are killing the game by doing that, and the compensation it's a gold ingot, all the effort of a player that plays for more than 7 years will be valued as a "GOLD INGOTS? I'm SURE NC didn't check the rank, someone put an image of the top 10 players on both servers Ely and Asmos. KT and DN they reach TWO MILLION of GP, this is not a good idea NC, well if u guys wanna keep the game well, better don't touch, the effort of the old players...or AT least give Ultimates transformation to the TOP 10
  7. @Cyan This is the best way to kill Aion, did the NCteam check the GP on every faction and every server? we are not talking about thousands, it's millions of GP and you guys pretend to just reset and give gold ingots as a compensation? come on hahaha this is a MMO game this is not a competitive game like "League of Legends" ofc all the new players will like the idea of reset the ranks cuz they are NEW! but what about the old players that took years to achieve their ranks? well at least as a compensation give an Ultimate Transformation for those who get a million of GP... my personal opinion NC
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