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  1. Cos clerics will be obsolete. Only thing clerics got are the heals when it comes to support role. Chanter and Songweaver have so much utility and support skills. Giving them equal healing capabilities as cleric will totally kill cleric class. If devs wanna make chanter and songweaver main heals, then they will have to create more utility and support skills for cleric.
  2. I understand removing player to player trade to combat gold sellers but what does that have got to do with removing trading between characters in the same account? Cant figure out a valid reason to ban warehouse trading other than to make farming alternates obsolete so the game will be much harder that ppl will p2w. In any case gold sellers are still making a killing anyway even with these insane restrictions. What works in 1 region will not in another. Imo this a half ass localization effort.
  3. Thx for all the replies. The enchantment stones are extremely rare. Are they in any form tradeable? Is it possible to have alt character or alt account to grind those genesis crystals to buy pvp enchantment stones for your main? Any other way to farm these stones? The weekly cap kills.
  4. Any reliable ways to farm/get these besides grinding mobs in Stenon Bay? Drop rate there is abysmal.
  5. Is Pandora gear worth doing? Had some vet players recommend doing that, its supposedly easier but i'm skeptical as i'm using the most basic starter endgame gear with no points in gathering and crafting. Also i realized gear is now separated into PvE and PvP gear, can PvP gear be used effectively in PvE content like for dailies and easier dungeons? And vice versa(PvE gear for PvP content)? Having to farm 2 sets is kinda daunting, if PvP gear is viable for PvE then i might as well farm PvP gear. We're a trio of Chanter, Cleric and Spiritmaster, just a fyi. Btw, where do
  6. So hit 80, using the lakrum gear, i'm so confused on how to progress from there onwards. Lots of outdated info around, me and my friends are totally lost, we don't know what to do except for clearing dungeons which prolly takes 10% of the gameplay due to the insane weekly lockouts. Would appreciate a veteran to explain to us the best gear progression routes for PvE and PvP. Also a rundown on new systems like minions, transformation contracts, titles, pets, stigmas, enchantments, purifying etc. And theres the upcoming patch 7.0 too. Theres so much stuff we're not sure how and where to star
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