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  1. thanks, i've been worrying about crafting since I prioritize leveling while I have the siels aura--not planning to get a sub. F2P FTW
  2. yup, since the Wednesday's update, whenever I try to launch aion I got sendlogged right up. I did some troubleshooting and I found out, its their 64bit support, I tried so far: 1. I tried to rename 64bit folder in the game folder and tried to use 'file repair' it did download a new 64bit folder in there but still I'm getting same errors 2. Rename aion.bin inside the 64bit folder so aion would only run in 32bit mode, I works but I'm getting some dll conflicts with nvidia software, I fixed that but left me not being able to use nvidia geforce experience app. I will also try to sen
  3. Hi @Cyan does it mean the Vandal Gear Pack event will be extended too? Since most people can't create a vandal yet because no slot available (and we don't want to delete any of our current toons)
  4. after 2 years this still works for me. thanks I already tried scanning windows system files etc.
  5. lol, no offense but that was just dumb, their '52%' doesn't work like that, there are 'sweet spot(time)' to enchant, take a pause in between, if 3 consecutive fails, try it on other times or you can keep banging your head on the wall with fails and keep in mind that it should be '52%', Just my 2 cents.
  6. put siege time around daily reset times pls. perfect time for me and other oceanic/asian people.
  7. @Cyan give any feedback on this please, I really want to create mage classes but I already save my last slot for Painter, If I level a SM/Sorc now, I don't want to delete any toons when 7.0 comes. Thanks in advance.
  8. meanwhile, one lazy afternoon I was poking around, staring at my 'spare' 4 ancient transforms (waiting for another 2 spares for maxed x6 combine), talking to my legion mates about transform combines because a few days ago someone in LFG mentioned you can get legendary one by combining x2 ancient, mindlessly I clicked combine using x2 ancients..poof! = Mastarius transform, and all my toons on my main account are atk speed dependent , yeah its just pure RNG, All my ancient came from BoS/FM/COE transform box.
  9. Any talks about more character slots in 7.0? with this 6.2 update, I finally enjoyed every class I think of except the mage class, I have 1 spot saved for SM / Sorc but thinking of saving it until 7.0 for the new class. I've been trying to keep all my toons in one account to reap all the benefits of transformation contracts and cubics. Thanks in advance.
  10. @Cyan any news on additional character slots in 7.0? I'm playing 7 classes now except the mage class due to limited slot. I have 1 slot reserved for painter when 7.0 hits, but I also want to try at least 1 mage class since having all toons in 1 account maximizes the use of transform contracts / cubics, any reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!.
  11. Still enjoying this update, finally played all the toons I want, try to gear them up (PvE) then I worry PVP later. Spam CoE with new ones, run BoS and FM on 6 toons, trying to have complete legendary gears to have a shot at PF/IDD, trying to level aetherforging and break gears for mats., waiting for that 'enchantment rate nerf' to finally +15 my legendary genesis pvp weapon on my main toon with 30 legendary stones waiting to be use at 'right time' and finally have that ultimate weapon. Just my 2 cents, maybe most of you guys are on full legendary +15 or ultimates, yeah nothing for you to do at
  12. finally someone noticed it, lol, it means free FM runs before the actual reset
  13. @Cyan Thank you so much for answering some of the questions. We'll be looking forward to seeing this changes in the coming weeks.
  14. Yeah, they should it to drop at least two for every run, my ALT glad now have more legendaries than my main. I do have 8 legendaries and weapon drops on my main twice. I guess I still have luck than others. I do not clear any PF yet since no one wants to carry me. x2 purple drops per run will make us have full legendary gears and a chance to run PF/IDD.
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