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  1. Character Slots and PvP Enchantment Stone

    @Cyan any news on additional character slots in 7.0? I'm playing 7 classes now except the mage class due to limited slot. I have 1 slot reserved for painter when 7.0 hits, but I also want to try at least 1 mage class since having all toons in 1 account maximizes the use of transform contracts / cubics, any reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!.
  2. Tomorrow Last chance for the game.

    Still enjoying this update, finally played all the toons I want, try to gear them up (PvE) then I worry PVP later. Spam CoE with new ones, run BoS and FM on 6 toons, trying to have complete legendary gears to have a shot at PF/IDD, trying to level aetherforging and break gears for mats., waiting for that 'enchantment rate nerf' to finally +15 my legendary genesis pvp weapon on my main toon with 30 legendary stones waiting to be use at 'right time' and finally have that ultimate weapon. Just my 2 cents, maybe most of you guys are on full legendary +15 or ultimates, yeah nothing for you to do at this time, maybe siege?. In short, we 'casual' noobies are still enjoying and playing this update. Peace out all p.s. the only thing limiting me to totally enjoy this is the LACK of CHARACTER SLOTS, I want to play mage classes also which I don't have at the moment at the same account, saving one slot for the painter. : was there any news on more character slots? p.s. I do love this post, maybe we can see some changes to the game that benefits everyone now.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    finally someone noticed it, lol, it means free FM runs before the actual reset
  4. List of Issues for 6.2

    @Cyan Thank you so much for answering some of the questions. We'll be looking forward to seeing this changes in the coming weeks.
  5. Yeah, they should it to drop at least two for every run, my ALT glad now have more legendaries than my main. I do have 8 legendaries and weapon drops on my main twice. I guess I still have luck than others. I do not clear any PF yet since no one wants to carry me. x2 purple drops per run will make us have full legendary gears and a chance to run PF/IDD.
  6. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    well, as a voice of casual players who didn't have those OP exchange gears, we just continue farming FM/BOS for gears and if we are lucky enough, finally get those stats needed for PF/IDD runs. Me, personally do care less in this outrage that you guys put on CMs / devs but WE LOVE it too, for the betterness of the game.
  7. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    well, from my perspective, this patch is still better than 5.x wherein you can just buy EVERYTHING, from best PvP/PvP items and even make it +15 (or more). I'm barely a new player, I play ON and OFF for the last 5 years, lol. I stopped playing 6 months ago, with 60+ omegas / temperings and some 'best' PvP / PvE items during that time, some are purified most are not. When 6.2 launched, I give it a try. My exchange gears are just the ancient zenith +10s, pvp / pve, some of my items are not even eligible for exchange,on a side note, a day before 6.2 I try to enchant some and even spent most of the omega/temperings that I saved (which I regret to this day, i should have just saved those stones!) well my point is, those exchange gears that I got can be farmed by a new player for just maybe 3 weeks!, with like 40m in my inventory I barely spent a kinah now and just grind everything. Even the leveling now is a breeze compared to 5.x. I do agree that enchantments are just bad, I keep failing on +11 legendary with legendary stones. I would choose this patch over 5.8 any day. But I do agree that the gear gap to those old players with legendary / ultimate gears are just insane. Let just hope that they are kind enough to carry those new / returning players with qualified stats to to instances. just my 2 cents.
  8. P2W much?

    now I really want to play on EK Elyos side if Cyan was there, maybe send him some troll message or annoy him to give me some updates or incoming events or changes
  9. P2W much?

    WE DN-Asmos would love to see you in-game. Come play with us and maybe carry us in Primeth / IDD
  10. [Youtube] Death of a Game: Aion

    I'm playing Aion since 2013, this is the only (first) online game I played in years because of having no internet infrastructure in our area, I stopped for a while in 2015 because of that same reason (lags) and just came back in 5.8 grind my gears and stopped playing again last April. I played other MMOs - D3, BDO, Terra, it was good, no pressures on game time schedules (I'm from asia so NA aion times are woking hours mostly) especially D3. I do try it again this 6.0 and kind of love this update in-spite of what others are saying and the bad RNG's we got on enchanting, at least we go back to the times that we need to actually farm the gears again and not just pay kinah for it. So my question is, how far is this game have fate like MxM? Can NCsoft shut it down anytime they realize they are not getting paid enough in NA?
  11. why even ask this? we just lost our free entry resets
  12. Did NcSoft forget about GP in 6.2?

    your welcome
  13. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    why do you guys do that? I mean doing the auto-enhance mode? I never do that even in previous patches. Currently I'm on +10 genesis armors and +15 weapon. To do that I spent like 40 legendaries (on weap) and all the genesis leftovers that I bought enchantment box with, others are from instances (i never paid on this game). What I do is I enchant it one by one on my studio (no lag there). It even crits to +2 but also with fails, what I notice is if you keep enchanting on like x3 failed consecutively you will fail a lot more, just stop on that piece move to other piece or stop enchanting and do other stuffs, you also have to level everything else evenly. I'm not pro at this, just what I notice in-game. I still have like 20+ ancient stones and some legendaries left after that. BTW: that 40+ legendaries I spent is where I do it wrongly, there just one day that I got raged to +15 that weapon, and its too late before I realize. lol,
  14. NC. Danaria Elyos need your help.

    its just happened that we DN Asmo have this OP dude named Noto that always looking for ely he could kill, its not that they wanted to help an asmo but they just want PvP there are others too who enjoyed PvP more than anyone else.
  15. Aion 2

    is this an out of season April fool's joke?