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  1. Guys, that help A LOT. Thank you very much. I got the Stormwing's egg and just hit 80. Today I'm gonna look for FM and I'll try to do that with all my toons. I will take a look on youtube so I can run without being affraid of screwing things up. I actually enjoy pvp, but playing so casually I know I won't get anywhere competitive speaking, so I would rather skip it. I don't mind getting some blood marks, tho. Again, thanks a lot. You gave me some directions to go for.
  2. Hello. I just downloaded the game again after my friend sent me the 7.5 trailer, for nostalgia's sake. I played this game for some years, since 1.9 until 5.something. I had some breaks and lost some contents, but always got up-to-date with the new things. When 6.0 came, I didn't enjoy the transformation contracts and as I was playing alone, I ended up giving up. I don't want to live the old days, when I was used to farm every instance and burn every cooldown possible. I think I'll be content if I could do some dungeon once in a while and farm a decent gear, as a minor objective.
  3. 1. Leveling till 65 is REAAAAALLY easy. It's actually enjoyable, I keep doing alts so I can use them in events and it won't take long till they get 60ish. But 66+, it will be a pain and people won't get you to all the instances until you get 70ish. 2. As people said, PVE instances you gotta walk. PVP ones you will just queus, except for arenas I guess. 3. Crafting is useless for the most. Alchemy and cooking maybe still got some value but the others are just for skins purpouses. You won't be seeing crafted gear in broker (a lot) because the mats are probably hard to get since nobody
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