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  1. I have personally reported 3 of the asmo hackers listed here and they've been getting "investigated" for months now even though they're the most blatant hackers on the server.
  2. I've done my tests here on classic and I disagree with it myself. However the truth is that "green attack" isn't as valuable since it's not multiplied by ranger's buffs. It still gives you a fair amount of damage though. Crit to cap, rest Attack is the best PVE build. For PVP you might be better off with Crit to a certain amount, rest HP, especially in the current patch.
  3. Better outcome than what I expected, though we don't have the exact details.. there's still some hope. Let's get the hackers next?
  4. They literally wrote the names and legion names (as if noone else has figured out their dumb legion names) but NC still won't do anything.
  5. NC be like: we're investigating, but trying to figure out which one of the 5 names is doing it is too much work, no updates, sorry guys.
  6. I'll wait and see what happens to the AP traders/hackers. If they don't take care of them, they can trade with each other on an empty server for all I care.
  7. Is there a way to mass report? Since you guys think you have no bots or nothing to investigate, I can put down names of 100+ bots and 20+ hackers, all with screenshots.
  8. To be fair, while it is possible to reach these places without hacking, I've also seen Asmos jumping up in real time, about 3-4x times as high compared to what should be possible while PVPing at the same time, obviously only possible by abusing print screen or other glitches/programs.
  9. A lot of bullshit in this thread, as usual in these forums. Abyss Force isn't "breaking" or anything else, not sure where you get your info from. ??? Please do explain and stop hiding behind a guest nickname with stupid opinions. Nobody made Trevyn a faction leader, but it seems like you have issues with him. Uhiwi is the only one who lead the Elyos well, everyone else sucked (it is what it is) I've been to every siege, nobody else could do it and their lack of knowledge really showed. There's drama with SlayerS, they were essentially kicked out of the server dis
  10. Asmos probably still in denial over the numbers, thinking Siel is balanced.. Just pull out all your 50s from Sanctum bro.. oh wait we have just as many who didn't show up as well.
  11. 30 minutes after the reset and everything is still frozen. Broker isn't working, people can't log in.
  12. Siel is the exact opposite, Asmos control everything. All upper abyss forts are Asmo. Today's siege was Asmo killing Asteria uncontested while Elyos were trying to take Roah. Asmo took Asteria and had enough time to go to Roah, wipe Elyos there and take Roah as well. So much for locking the servers down for them both to end up imbalanced anyway.
  13. I think there's a 1 mill sell limit, but yeah, I agree.. whales are also selling it on broker for below 100k so you can sell it yourself for a small profit
  14. What a bunch of amateurs. I've seen illegal private servers with better support. Good thing you're in the gaming industry, because your "devs" wouldn't last a week in a position of any importance. Luckily for you, taking the nyerk out of the players is just a daily routine here.
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