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  1. Enchant rate broken?

    I'm also convince the current enchant system is broken for me. Here is my take on the enchanting experience. Enchanting Experience RNGExperience Description Great RNG Most enchanting attempts succeed, often see a proc +2, and rarely see failures -- end up with +3 to +5 in a single sitting. Gear update progression is great. Normal RNG Most enchanting attempts succeed and occasional failure -- end up with +1 to +3 in a single sitting. Gear progression is OK. Bad RNG Most enchanting attempts fail and seldom succeeds, often have to result to using ultimate enchant stones to save any progression -- end up with +1 if really lucky but usually -1 to -4. Bad to no gear progression. My main often falls into the "Bad RNG" category and sometimes "Normal RNG". There aren't enough space to mention all of my failures but would like to share how I managed to salvaged some of my progression: a) use ultimate enchant stone(s) when at +9 to get it to +10. b) start using ultimate enchant stones at +12 to get it to +15 for those who can't ever get see +13 with legendary stones. c) use ultimate enchant stones even on your ancient gear at +14 to get it to +15. d) save stones -- use ancient enchant stones at +10 to get it +11 then legendary after, if you can enchant with less than 10 ancient stones then it's a win. These are some things I've done to save my progression but you will end up working twice as long to farm ancient kibrium and farm XP for gems to make spirit frags to morph enchant stones. I feel bad for anybody who also falls into the "Bad RNG" category.