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  1. i have 30 old luna bundles in invetory and it gimme just rubbish lol i have post in suggestion and send ticket but they said me that "We understand your frustration regarding the result of your RNG box experience. However, please note that these specific boxes(old luna bundle) have varying chances of obtaining is contents." it's realy a joke
  2. I'm coming here to ask you to exchange the old Bundle de Luna for the new ones, because I have 30 luna bundle of the old in my main Char and opening 2 of them only came rubbish and no luna material, I made Luna 30 days and joined for make changes and I will not lose 30 packages of these so I will wait until you reevaluate this and exchange these items, because in the update you didn’t say anything that would change the old bundle, just said you would move to Lugbug daily, so I thought that I could continue to farm and gather, I already opened a ticket and they sent me here so I'm waiting for y
  3. Yes, it's a small community because nobody wants to play this version of the game where you have to give your life to equip yourself or you don't play pvp, and when you give your life and equip yourself, you have nowhere to do pvp besides siege and of the pvp instances, because there are no players on the maps, most players today log in just to make an event, in the community of my country has 7k followers the aion page would bring at least 1.5k back to the game or more ezly ... not to mention that the monthly fee system for them would be much more profitable, than some players buying some it
  4. Leave a message here for AION classic to come to NA soon. Let's go people!!!
  5. Leave a message here for AION classic to come to NA soon. Let's go people!!!
  6. nothing to fix the purchase limit of daevanion essence at abyssal?
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