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  1. Sorry to say but I've never seen any more stupid set of quests. I'm not gonna talk about the quest to turn an opposite faction base. You wait for red on the map forever. Then you still gotta wait for the stupid capt to spawn. then some sin of the opposite faction in hide one hit it and steals it. Or even worse, there's more than one grp of the same faction and some ppl w/ faster skills or higher dps will steal it from you regardless of whose grp was there first. No manner is needed on Aion, obviously. Who cares about who was there first? Forget about that kind of decency. You just go and steal what you need. Who came up with this stupid ideas that create animosity among the players even within the same faction? I know resetting GP isn't part of the original Aion on Korean servers. These quests must have been created w/o much thoughts put into the plans. NC. Do you even know how long it takes for any base to turn balaur when both factions want to flip the freaking bases? Have you even considered how some players would feel after they wait for a balaur capt spawn for hours and some ppl come in as a full grp and steal that stupid mob? I'm telling you. It's almost a rage that some players feel, ok? I have played aion since it was released, and there has been many changes that did not make sense. Yet, I never complained. Even with the stupid GP reset and the bugs, I was being patient. When you sent out the same rewards to everyone for the AP bug, I tried to understand. Why doesn't anyone in the team go do these stupid quests for several days on a regular toon(not a GM toon) and see how it feels? On a side note, do you know what these quests do to undergeared players? They can never get those base weekly quests done that would give them genesis crystals they need. You know why?? A grp of opposite faction or two camp at those camps for a stupid capt spawn while these undergeared players go on their own just to do the little quests. How much further do you want to break the game?